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Wildfire, the horse

The artist has portrayed this animal with amazing accuracy. She has, with the stroke of her brush,  left us with the anticipation of hearing the horse neigh. Wildfire, his ears up, stands alert to the presence of an intruder. His nostrils flare in warning. You can almost hear him snort. His finely chiseled chestnut face, emblazoned with white, conveys intelligence. There is wisdom in his eyes. The wind blowing through his mane sends it tossing in the breeze. Each strand is painted with meticulous painstaking detail. The individual hairs in his coat are conveyed with the same carefulness.  His eyes are alert and suspicious.  We are allowed a glimpse of his strength as we observe the muscles straining in his neck. He is so lifelike, one might expect him to bolt at any time, galloping off across HIS meadow, daring the viewer to follow. Yet we want to follow, reluctant to allow this to be the last we see of this magnificent creature.

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