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Why Decorate a Bachelor Pad

Boys are notorious for not making good house keepers, they forget to take the rubbish out, leave pizza boxes lying around and seem incapable of ensuring their dirty clothes make it all the way to the wash basket. Well that’s what you’ve been told by the women in your life right? But at the moment you are residing in your very own bachelor pad – alone – so you don’t have to listen to any more blights on your ‘domestic god’ status.

Unfortunately, they’re right in suggesting that you should try to make your house into a home. This is your space and probably sooner than you expect you’ll be filling your live with a partner, pets and then before you know it kids, so make the most of having your bachelor pad to yourself by decorating it just the way you like it.

For example, adding a coat of paint is an easy way to freshen the place up, it’s even easier to paint not only the walls but the ceiling too as you don’t have to tape off areas, plus by painting the walls and the roof the same colour, the space looks bigger and airier. Start with a neutral white or beige coloured paint as it is easy to add masculine colours to this with navy curtains or a black sofa, coupled with cushions and rugs in the same shades.

Of course you still want a low maintenance pad so avoid displaying little knick knacks and instead spend your time finding comfortable and sturdy furniture, for example a leather couch is both luxurious to sit on, and is also easy to wipe down clean.

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