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What does your jewelry say about you?

With the immense variety in the kinds and designs of jewelry available today;   such as Royal Elegancegemstones, beads, amber, glass, tumbled shells, cultured or natural pearls, dried flower jewelry; leather, silver, gold, bronze, tin, copper; fashion, costume or fine jewelry; traditional tribal jewelry, historic and period replica jewelry; simple or outrageously ornate, audacious or delicate, it seems to be a daunting task to decide what goes best for the exact look and attitude that you want to portray. 

Jewelry, starting from an ancient age has had many different uses among different cultures from modification of the body to a display of power and affluence. However it has never been as diverse as it is in the present day. Contemporary jewelry has created renewed interest in artistic and leisurely pursuits and is as creative as art. 

“Land and Sea” by Janice CollierI was looking for a bold, casual and trendy look for a beach party and fell in love at first sight with “land and sea”, a trance in turquoise which set off quite well with my outfit in silver and corresponding blues of the ocean. The noteworthy thing about this piece is that it makes such a chic statement about your attitude and cool quotient!  

I would certainly chuck all inhibitions and have a blast trying out all these ‘contemporary works of art’ by Janice Collier to experiment all the different looks and find my dearest fantasies coming true! 

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