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Decorate Bigger

We all want more space in our homes, to feel like we can escape, be alone, or even to make our home feel less crowded when we have people over. Well if your decorating plans (and budget) don’t include knocking down walls or extending rooms, here are a few steps to make your home look bigger just by your choice of paint, furniture and wall art;


1.    Choose lighter colours as they reflect daylight and artificial light making any space seem bigger.
2.    For an soft glowing effect, use a eggshell or flat paint.
3.    A low ceiling can make a room or home seem smaller so paint that in a light, reflective colour too.


1.    Use neutral colours which follow the palette of the light paint colour.
2.    Choose light coloured fabric for your furniture, rugs and light fittings to continue to allow light to reflect around the room.
3.    Don’t use oversized furniture, if the room is small, use small furniture to give an illusion of more space, it just means you may have to wait until you can knock down walls before you furnish your home with large Chesterfield couches.

Wall Art

Decorating in light colors doesn’t just mean using white and beige, instead, pick a colorWall Art of Avila Painting from a piece of wall art and follow that theme.

For example, Avila Reflections II by Susanna Leasure uses a light colour palette to capture the seascape, yet the painting isn’t bland. You can follow the blues of the water and the pink reflections in the water in your decorating choices and use these accents to create splashes of colour.

These pale colours are also contrasted by the reds of the rocks, the dark blues of the deeper ocean, the rich pinks of the sea and the greens of the plants and still this seascape painting is light and reflective as these darker contrasts are used only in splashes to create interest.

You can take inspiration from the colour combinations in this painting when choosing the finishing accessories for your decorating project, or looking at the red trim on a beige sofa or a pink fleck through a cream rug.

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Costa Rica Artwork Stretched and Hung on the Walls

Hi Paul and Susie,

After several false starts we finally have your wonderful artwork stretched and hung on the walls! (but, obviously, photos can never give the full impact.) First thing that everyone comments on is how cool are the shadows in the Manuel Antonio beach painting. It seems that, in each group that stays with us, everyone picks a different painting as their “favorite.”

Tropical Wall MuralLooking back at our notes, it took just overthree years … but was *SO* worth the wait! 😉 If you have any comments or wording you would like added to the above web page, let me know. There is
a lot of empty space on the page, and it occurred to me that it would be fun to add anything that you guys might want to say about the project.

I hope that all is well with both of you!! Cindy and I were thinking of coming back to the US, but it looks like the main road down from will actually get paved starting this month. Yay!

Also, it looks like a very high-end project will soon start construction just up the hill from us. From what we hear, it will be “more than five stars” and possibly the most exclusive destination in all
of Costa Rica, once it’s done.

Wouldn’t you know it: Just after the warranty expired, our crystal ball broke, so now it’s hard to decide what to do next. 😉 Let us know how things are going with the two of you.


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Buying Art Online

“Triple Falls”Does it seem like a Herculean task to look for the kind of art you love, walking through the long alleys of the gallery, while baffling questions pick on your mind about the subject, the price, who painted and with what? Though this may surprise you, many people like me do choose art just because we love them, even though we aren’t experts of what techniques were used, the mediums, styles or the artist.  

However, now that you can go through unlimited options of artwork via the online art sites, easily save a Estuary In The Sunsetconsiderable amount of time and take things at your own pace through the comfort of your own home; isn’t that a huge bonus over scouring an entire gallery for someone to assist you? Not only do you get the benefit of a short biography of the artists and their style in most sites, but also the price with the offered discounts and the best part,(that I adore) a short story about the painting itself! You can even put up your questions and correspond directly with the artists, as well as get some fabulous tips on the framing, maintenance, wall art or décor too!

You may concentrate on your actual reasons for buying art and getting the right pieces, without any external influences here: Planning to gift a piece? Perhaps art as décor for your office or home? Or maybe art as an investment? You may consider building a nice collection of a preferred artist; it could even be that you’re buying something simply because the painting speaks to you, enchants and inspires you.
Whatever be your reason, keep in mind that it is more important that the artwork vibes well with your personal taste and intuition. We often fall into the trap of buying “fashionable” art or “latest trends” that we may not even like!

On the other hand-even if you are some kind of an expert, and would like to possess a particular style or Golden Hillsmedium such as for example, watercolors, oils, acrylics, photographs, poster art, murals, etc, would it really matter when you immediately have an enormous fancy on a particular artwork? I’m sure, at that moment, even if you never cared for or owned a painting in that medium; you’d like to have it around you on your personal spaces. So what is it that makes these styles less important than the other? Be it an acrylic, digital or 3-D image, your own taste and enthusiasm is what is going to make it most popular!

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Decorating Tricks and Secrets

Do you ever get to the end of a decorating project and wonder why it had to be so hard, and why your results don’t look like the ones they got in the magazine? Well that’s because the decorating people in magazine-land have a lot of experience in choosing the perfect piece of furniture and getting a paint finish right, after all, this is why they have gone and bragged about it in their magazine.

So to let you in on a few decorating secrets to put your next decorating project up there with the front page features check this out:

  • Stunning Flowers

So you wanted a fresh display of flowers for a dinner party or to celebrate the new season and inspire your spring decorating projects but the buds are all closed on the flowers you have just bought. Well, instead of chucking them and buying a new (and more expensive) bunch of fully opened buds, all you have to do is submerge your flowers in warm water for several minutes until they open up.

Also, if your flowers are on their last legs, leave them submerged in cold water for a few hours to revive their spirits – and yours.

  • Kids’ Craft

If the kids want to help with the painting and decorating projects, you may need to distract them with art of their own, so hunt down an old dining table, cut the legs off and you have a kids’ craft table. Even better – when it gets scungy with paint and glue, sand it down and repaint it!

  • Hair Colour

To avoid painting yourself when repainting the ceiling, wear an old shower cap to stop paint drips getting in your hair.

  • Paint Brushes

If you have to take a lunch break, (and a tea break and a coffee break …) during your painting project, wrap your brushes in cling film to stop them from drying out.

  • Masked Villain

Instead of going to all the trouble of masking off the areas you don’t want painted, only to find when you peel away the tape, the paint is taken with it – just peel the masking tape off while the paint is still wet.

Good luck and happy decorating, but shhhh….!

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Spectacular Wall Art Arrangement.

‘Spooner’s Cove’Wouldn’t you love to give wings to your creativity, add a unique class to your walls and create an amazing display, that too, well within the restrictions of your budget? Like a striking, perfectly laid dinner table for a lavishing seven course menu, individual artworks can be pooled to make alluring wall décor arrangements too.

Firstly, remember all displays, no matter what you desire to convey; needs a consistent balance of scale, order and color to be successful. Here are a few handy tips that can enhance your style of décor.

1.Group a large piece of art with smaller pieces to create interest and fascination. You may experiment‘High and Dry’ with the different sizes and combinations, for as long as it’s aligned well and symmetrical, it looks artistic.

‘Florida Straits’2. An even spacing between the works of art is important. While a bigger gap is recommended for oil paintings, it is good for a collage to have the pieces closer together.

3. Different works of art can still appeal in a display as long as there is a unifying thread that relates to each of the pieces, such as a subject, color, theme or artist.

4. You may consider matching frames, either in material or style. To create an impact, unity and balance are essential, but try bringing in a little dramatic change in lighting or arrangement style.

5. Odd numbers of paintings can create a very appealing look. Place the best piece at or slightly above eye level and expand outward from that attractive central piece.

6.You can use wall ledges as a fabulous space where you can arrange your paintings such that the frames can slightly overlap the other to focus on the entire display instead of a single work of art.

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Art With A Smile

Everyone loves a smile. Many love art. How about art that smiles?Two tulips

Bright paintings in beautiful colors that evoke feelings of joy and happiness are what I call happy art. This happy art is a genuinely delightful art that is most enjoyable when you want your haven to be a place for you to completely be yourself and relax. No pretences, charades Lazy Dazeor false impressions. A place, where simplicity in natural scenes of a lovely landscape or beach environments bring not only a calming effect for you but a joy of pure indulgence as well. So finally, art that is meant just for your eyes and not for that sofa!

Morro Sand DunesFor ages, art has been a unique form of expression and communication for people. Through this medium, people could express themselves in a way that is not possible in words, either in a written or spoken manner. So what is this psychological need for art in human beings? Why do we search for fine works of art all over the world and pay huge amounts for a single piece of art? The simple answer to that is, because art brings such inspiration, beauty and joy to its beholder!

People attend concerts, observe paintings, appreciate sculpture, enjoy novels and fill up music in their Pour Girldaily life, with an inherent goal of experiencing bliss or even awe. In a way, art can be said to satisfy the soul as a relaxing massage to a weary, tired person or hearty meal for a hungry fellow. While people all over do appreciate good art for its many advantages, pleasure, inspiration, healing and decoration; for the lovers of art, call it an addiction!

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Art Vibes

Vineyard Through Oak TreeAh, you have that mood of summer camp and are nostalgic about those farm visits, fresh home made butter and a ride on your favorite tan horse? However, with all these deadlines and meetings encroaching on your valuable time, Breezyyou probably have to manage with your fond recollections through old photographs, read a book of James Herriot or watch reruns of your favorite shows!

You could also consider putting up fine art reflecting the same feelings around you. Like the beautiful landscape scenes, spirited animals and simple, yet charming flowers Calla lily waterdrops-IIthat seem to come alive with their bright colors to evoke your precious memories or just inspire to leave all your cares away and soak up the golden sun.

Manana CabanaBe it the theme of a beach or a farm space, the common factor here is to create a feeling of being away from the constriction of space and time, worries and anxieties, traffic and pollution. How often we wish, that we could have a break, just for a little while, when we are knee deep in our projects and ‘terra firma’ seems to be miles away!Triple Falls II

These paintings from Leasure Fine Art specialize in bringing us so much closer to nature, making it possible to lose ourselves in a moment in time, in fabulous scenes that we seldom get to see in busy, noisy metros in distant faraway lands. I know this is totally true in my case, where at present, I can simply dream of visiting these marvelous places in person… Though these paintings, you appreciate and wonder how nature manages to maintain ceaselessly, so many beautiful moods and faces; Not simply that, but manages to revive us too, when a single tiring day at work can leave us so drawn and haggard.

I guess art teaches you to indulge in your dreams too, to remind you, “It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns romance, the fear of ridicule, that stops your feet from a happy dance, the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance, and last but not the least, It’s the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.”

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Colors of Success

Artistic RetreatWorks of fine art can energize and add tremendous value to your space.  You can choose either to challenge or soothe your senses and ultimately zero on lasting pleasure and satisfaction that reflects your personality, interests and spirit.

Like Color my world!when you live in an apartment and space is limited, hanging art is a wonderful way to say it all without taking up valuable floor space.

When seeking out new art, and finding something interesting that you’d like to live with, you may want to explore all possibilities. Perhaps an abstract piece of art motivates you to try out something unusual in your choices of furnishings instead of having a common suite, or a tropical print encourages you to use an organic or handcrafted rug in vibrant hues for your new artistically enthused room. Similarly, art with cool waves or beach tones allow you to consider that slip covered furniture with a nautical charm.

Some colors can motivate, whereas other colors can cause some distraction. Having the right colors can make your room a better place to fulfill the designated purpose of that space. Let us consider a home office, If you are easily distracted, you may need to surround yourself with soft, muted colors to unwind and calm you, and help you get down to work. However, if you find it difficult to get motivated, you may choose to decide on bright, vivid colors that provide the right energy levels and project the right working environment. Late Sun SplashHaving your art work in similar colors and inspirations can achieve the same effect too, if you do not wish to repaint your walls now.

Ultimately, you need to evaluate your own response to color, as it differs from individual to individual. Keep in mind that it is your space; make it a place where you love to be, and you’re sure to be more successful in your endeavors!

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Art – Song of the Heart.

God’s GiftArt is a medium where you get a fantastic way of expressing all your emotions. The colors of your feelings touch the canvas and transfer your thoughts and imagination in their loveliest form. You could well compare it with a song from your soul, mirroring the depth of your feelings and conveying a message that connects directly to another heart. Where as, a Seagrape Escapesong can easily be transfered to the lips of another, a work of art has to be brought home to get the best effect, as art is something that you can appreciate more with the passage of time.

Perhaps you’ve faced it before, a new house with empty rooms- crying out for some furniture, curtains, carpets or rugs. You rush out to your favorite shop or online store and create a luxurious interior that probably looks just like the showroom. Then suddenly you notice that the walls need some art on them. I cringe when I say this, but many of us do leave our art choices till the last moment and have to make do with pieces that match the decor. I confess, I myself have put up art on my walls just because their frames matched!

Iris in Bloom- 01We have all believed that accessories complete a room; however it is more difficult to find artwork that really moves you, to perfectly match a ready made decor. The fundamental rule in picking up fine art is first, to love the picture so much that you are willing to have it around you for a long time and secondly, the art conveys something to you or reflects your feelings and personality, that you would like to convey unto others.  Then of course, finding  complementary styles and colors of your furnishings are made so much simpler.Amber Waves

Art inspires creativity, beautifies your surroundings, creates positive vibrations,relieves your anxieties and adds class to your decor too. So start decorating your surroundings and designing your homes with art as a forethought. You may realise how much you appreciate the art for transforming the entire environment as well as creating positive vibes around you, whenever you lay your eyes on it. I guess then you’ll begin to wonder what made you buy the art that you got before, to match those crimson cushions!

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Art Takes Flight with These Pelicans

Pelicans at Seal Rookery

Traditionally, the pelican exemplifies the sacrificial love of a parent for its young ones, and have been made much famous by different artists in their paintings over many years. The graceful sea birds depicted in these paintings by the artist, catch the eye and your mind takes a flight to imagine the different moods of a seaside ambience. Pelican Over Morro Bay Wave

Sometimes, you prefer the elegant glide of the pelican over a wave like a skilled surfer, and at times you love to explore the frothy action of the wave trying to beat the elusive pelican at Three Pelicans flying over wave.his game. The exciting contrasts between the turquoise or jade colored water with the white, frothy spray create stunning freshness and vibrancy that would enliven any wall or home.

whatever your imagination conjures, you simply get mesmerized in the charm of the coastal scene. You could also take a cue from our gallant bird here, about living every moment of your day to its maximum potential and bravely facing your troubles that come on and off like the tides.

I would like to share with you here, a famous quote by James Montgomery, “Golden Bill! Golden Bill! Lo, the peep of day; all the air is cool and still, from the elm-tree on the hill, Chant away: . . . . Let thy loud and welcome lay, Pour away few notes but strong. ” White American Pelican