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Horse Eye View Framed painting

Why do we humans have such a strong love for horses? What mysterious quality draws us to these magnificent creatures? It goes beyond the usefulness as workers, or mode of transport. Ancient cave paintings include primitive portrayals of man and horse, in various aspects of daily living. No doubt the beauty, strength, and grace of this species captivates our imagination. In looking deep into the intelligent eHorse Eye View Framed paintingyes of a horse, seeing its spirit, gaining its trust, I am amazed that we can communicate on levels almost subconscious. In painting “Horse Eye View”, I wanted to capture that intelligence. The proud tilt of his head sends a subtle challenge, as if to say, “Prove yourself to me, and I will be forever loyal to you.”


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Charging White Horse on Beach Painting

Looking through my archives I found this beautiful horse painting by Susanne Renne Leasure. It is a white horse galloping and splashing through the water on the beach of Morro Bay, Ca.

A horse running on the beach is a beautiful enough scene. Susanne, however, has combined a beautiful horse painting in a unique seascape painting composition White horse on beach runningdepicting Morro Rock in the background. Her use of Morro Rock for a backdrop really accents the beautiful white horse as it splashes across the wet sand. This hand painted oil art will nicely decorate any room.

The size of this wall art horse painting is 16 x 20 unframed. This charging white stallion has not yet been added to our store inventory. If you are interested in owning it at a reasonable cost just send me an

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Decorate a Rental

Whether you choose to live in a rental property because you know you can live in a much nicer house for much less than you would pay if you were mortgaged to it, or whether you are simply renting for the interim, don’t think you can’t make your home stylish, comfortable and your own, in fact not only can you do it, you should be doing it.Beatiful artwork can spruce up a foyer


Your home is the place where you will spend the majority of your time each day and while in between running around after your family and trekking back and forth to work, it may not feel like it, your home is where you go to escape the world, relax and recharge so its decorating style, furniture and paint colors must reflect what you want to see.


And don’t think that just because you are renting that you are restricted in your decorating as many landlords are happy to grant decorating approval to their tenants if you are respectful enough to ask first and paint later.


You can probably expect your landlord to allow you to repaint your rental as long as they approve the colors. You can also get approval for wall hooks or display areas to hang your wall art as a fresh coat of paint and your favorite art prints can have a dramatic effect on your home decorating style.


It is also easy to put in new light fittings, rugs and furniture and all of these, coupled with your new paint colors can easily transform a neutral rental property into your own personal space. Being surrounded by your own choices in wall art and paint colors is the beginning of decorating your rental home and it is easy to maintain a modern and comfortable style to your home, as long as you know your rental restrictions and you take a little extra time in your planning.

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What Color is Your Life?

We all have colors which we love and colors which we can’t stand and you can probably guess which colors a person is attracted to just by looking at what they are wearing, the accessories they choose and often even the color of their car. However, when decorating it can be a dangerous assumption to choose your favorite color as Red Dinning Roomthe major player in your new color scheme, as a color which looks great as a pair of stilettos may not look so great as a dining room.

So before you go and buy 6 gallons of paint in your favorite color for your next decorating project, you should know what a whole room of that color could do to you;

A red room will get your heart racing in more ways than one. Red will increase your blood pressure, heart beat and energy levels, as well as your feelings of passion. After getting all of your juices flowing it is no surprise that red increases your appetite making it a perfect color for your dining room.

Orange will create similar feelings of warmth but in a more subtle way which is why choosing a shade of orange in your decorating can lead you to a comfortable and inviting family room.

If yellow is your fave color you probably already know that is attracts attention from every corner so while being a warm color, it is best used in small doses in areas such as foyers or hallways.

You may be surprised to know that the color blue is actually an appetite suppressant so this cool and calm color is best used in bedrooms for a feeling of tranquility, and to avoid the urge for a midnight snack.

Green is also a relaxing color, and versatile because where lighter shades of green can take you to the bedroom and living room, darker greens are great in the kitchen or dining room making it a much more accommodating color, without losing its calming influence.

Many adults don’t like purple so it should be used sparingly in your decorating, however further down the color scale into the rose colors, we find that this is a great color for a dining room, bedroom or study. But if you are decorating your child’s room, most kids love the color purple so go for it.

We would love to see what you have done with your favorite colors! Post your comments here and let us know! Better yet, e-mail a photo to us at : )

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Decorate a Spa Sanctuary

Everyone needs to have an area in their home where they can go and relax to escape the everyday issues of their life, ignore their kids for a while and stay sane for another day. And you all know what it is that you need to relax, and whether you rely on scented candles or a glass of wine, or both, there are some essential decorating tips you need to know about when creating a spa sanctuary at home.

Even if you have never been to a day spa, you have probably seen them on TV travel shows or heard about them from friends, so you know that there is often an emphasis on being by the sea, probably because the soothing blues and greens make for a relaxing escape, and everyone has fond memories of a beach holiday they enjoyed.

Therefore, your spa decorating should include seascape paintings which will compliment the soothing blue and green paint colors you have chosen for your walls and other art prints. To continue the theme of being beside the sea you can place shells or shell sculptures in your spa sanctuary, while not forgetting to add lots of fluffy towels and throws to your day bed or reclining sun lounge.

When choosing your spa sanctuary furniture you can choose wicker or grass weave furniture to complete the palette of beach colors in your decoration. Also make sure there are plenty of plush cushions to give the room a decadent feeling which is not only relaxing an indulgent, but also totally removed from the feelings you get from the rest of your home.

Then you can of course add your personal touches such as a wine cooler or an incense burner to bring to life the fantasy you escape to in your mind when you need a break from your everyday life.

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Costa Rica Murals on the way to new home!

Well, our client finally saw the long awaited Costa Rica Murals! All three were given a wonderful “I am awed and amazed!” Two of the murals are 7 X 7 feet each and will face each other in the living room in the beautiful home overlooking the coastal rain forests and Pacific ocean in Costa Rica.Sunset Seascape Costa Rica Mural The sunset mural is 5 feet wide by 10 feet tall and will grace the two story foyer. The three murals are being rolled inside a large PVC pipe for traveling to their new home, where they will be re-stretched and mounted on the walls. Here is a photo of one of the murals.

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Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are old advertisements which have been saved and preserved, to become highly collectable items and now create striking displays of vintage wall art. Vintage posters were designed and created during a time when graphic designers had begun being used for advertising, making sure the images were powerful and eye-catching.

Many of the most popular vintage posters sought after today originated in Europe, where the influences of French and Italian artists can be seen and enjoyed. Mucha was a Czech artist who was working in Paris at the turn of the century and was influenced by the Art Nouveau style, recognizable by images of dreamy eyed women in flowing gowns.

Old Paris art is therefore reflected in the vintage posters recovered from that time, and if you can find a unique vintage poster which interests you, you may even be able to decorate your home with French wall art without blowing your budget.

Vintage posters were not signed or numbered when they were created with the intention of being posted on billboards and buildings and being displayed for only a few weeks. Therefore, while vintage art is not intentionally anonymous, you will probably search and buy on the warm colours and cultural themes of the work, rather than who created it.

Advertising has always encompassed every industry, so if you are looking for vintage posters of a particular theme, product or place, you are likely to be rewarded. There is also a large collection of vintage bicycle posters which were made to promote new bicycles, as well as photographic and more recent art works featuring vintage bicycles.

The warm colours of vintage posters also make a great starting point for a vintage themed room or renovation as the posters were originally created to evoke a response in the customer and are still able to give uniqueness and meaning to modern decorating.

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Decorating Small Spaces

‘Small’ is relative of course, I heard that “all wonderful things come in small packages!” You see builders nowadays, looking to create compact, personalized homes and diverting from traditional large homes that take so much extra space. However I like to encourage people to add character, beauty and function in their homes by turning “wasted space” into more interesting areas. A small room can have a lot of character with a few creative and imaginative ideas for example; a very small area can have a row of bookshelves on a spiral wooden staircase to create a mini library, or a couple of vases with a small piece of abstract art that could add a cosy factor to a nearby ledge or window. Deep window sills are great places to display a glass art collection which scatters natural light. A tiny den could have a built-in desk under an arch with framed photographs and artifacts on each side. Corridors, patios and fireplace mantles can display a warm and lively air with a particular theme that catches your fascination.
In almost any room you can turn the space between the wall studs into a shelf or special niche for artwork and accessories. In a room with a high ceiling, you can use molding to give it a sense of distinction and style or open up the view between the rooms by adding a double archway. A beautifully lit room is equally important if not more so! Windows, skylights, focused lighting or just artistic lamps and even mirrors can reflect light and shades to create a fabulous effect of space and sensuality.