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Escape with Tropical Beach Art

Has Old Man Winter been overstaying his welcome?  Are you feeling trapped under those heavy blankets and sweaters.  Even if you can’t splurge on an exotic vacation to a romantic island, our affordable tropical beach art posters can brighten your room and your mood!  Imagine cheerful art that takes you far away to your ideal escape paradise.  Can you feel the soft ocean breezes?Hammock between palm trees in tropical beach art.

This has been a particularly bitter Winter for many people, and given the ongoing struggles with our economy, most of us cannot afford to take off to some gorgeous, balmy beachSAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) also can be a factor in our mood during the long Winter months, when sunlight is diminished.  For those afflicted with the depression associated with this season or even those with a case of the winter blues, it can be difficult to feel motivated.  Many doctors have prescribed doses of vitamin D along with light therapy to assist those with SAD.  Perhaps a cheerful, sunny beach scene along with those treatments can elevate the mood.

Try this:Tropical beach art of colorful beach umbrella and chair
Display tropical beach art print of your favorite location or even a place you have always dreamed of visiting on a well-lit wall in your home or office.  Play soft music, waves, or nature sounds and picture yourself in the scene.  Imagine the feel of the soft sand against your skin.  Hear the birds call and the waves lap the shore.  Perhaps you hear laughter of children in the distance or your loved one’s voice.  Take deep cleansing breaths, letting them out slowly.  While you breathe out, try to relax your muscles more and more each time.  These relaxation techniques have proven very helpful to many in alleviating stress and depression when used on a regular basis.

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Why Decorate a Bachelor Pad

Boys are notorious for not making good house keepers, they forget to take the rubbish out, leave pizza boxes lying around and seem incapable of ensuring their dirty clothes make it all the way to the wash basket. Well that’s what you’ve been told by the women in your life right? But at the moment you are residing in your very own bachelor pad – alone – so you don’t have to listen to any more blights on your ‘domestic god’ status.

Unfortunately, they’re right in suggesting that you should try to make your house into a home. This is your space and probably sooner than you expect you’ll be filling your live with a partner, pets and then before you know it kids, so make the most of having your bachelor pad to yourself by decorating it just the way you like it.

For example, adding a coat of paint is an easy way to freshen the place up, it’s even easier to paint not only the walls but the ceiling too as you don’t have to tape off areas, plus by painting the walls and the roof the same colour, the space looks bigger and airier. Start with a neutral white or beige coloured paint as it is easy to add masculine colours to this with navy curtains or a black sofa, coupled with cushions and rugs in the same shades.

Of course you still want a low maintenance pad so avoid displaying little knick knacks and instead spend your time finding comfortable and sturdy furniture, for example a leather couch is both luxurious to sit on, and is also easy to wipe down clean.

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Top to Bottom Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic decorating toll, most people have realised that by now and are using them to open up dark spaces, make rooms bigger and increase – by reflection – the effect of their other decorating features.

However, mirrors are not just useful for propping behind a vase of flowers to double the effect, nor should they be used only in their traditional flat form either. Instead look outside the square when decorating with mirrors, or more specifically, above it.

While placing a mirror on an opposite wall to a piece of art will increase its presence in the room, it can mean that you are over exposed to the image. So instead, take your cue from the Europeans who mount their art directly centred above a wall mirror, making use of all available wall space. However, reflecting a natural view by placing mirrors opposite a window or glass door can make a stunning display of art of your wall from your view. Just make sure you use one large mirror panel rather than several smaller ones as this can confuse the eye.

Using mirrors top to bottom in your home can also mean covering a whole wall in your reflection. While a painted feature wall is fine, you may want something more unique, or you may just want to cover up an imperfect wall and floor to ceiling mirrors will do just that. If a whole wall is too overwhelming, choose chandeliers with mirrored pendants, or lights with mirrored sconces.

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Artful View

If you have a home with a view, this will be one of the first things people remark on when they enter your home as a breathtaking view really can be the centrepiece of your home and decorating style. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have secured themselves a home on high, with perfectly positioned windows, overlooking a stunning view.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still create a view which will take your visitors’ breath away, and turn a blank wall into something more stunning than even the most expensive landscape painting you could hang. Since everyone is captured by views, landscapes and seascapes, you now have the opportunity to create a view you have always dreamed of. Do you love the look of the city skyline but you live in the suburbs? Or do you yearn to be beside the seaside but instead are stuck in a city apartment?

Well bring the view to you. You may have a large open wall space, or just a small narrow space above your kitchen bench but beneath your kitchen cupboards. Well whatever the space, you can turn it into wall art in an instant. Once you have decided on your dream view, have a photo of this view blown up and printed to the size of your ‘window’ space, then laminated.

Then all you have to do is stick up your new view with sticky dots to your wall, or onto an existing window and you have the view you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, it is much easier to get a new print made up than to move house when you’re sick of the view!

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How Beautiful Art is the Best Medicine!

Sunset ViewLike the power of music is widely known to sooth and cure emotional hurts, viewing beautiful paintings can reduce pain as being a third less intense as when compared to viewing a blank panel. Like actual ocean waves with their reassuring rhythm and freshness can revive any sagging spirit, the mere picture of such a calming and soothing scene can lower BP and fatigue in the elderly or highly stressed individuals.

The reports at the Neuro-physiopathology Pain Unit also confirm that beauty triggers a response  in the orbitofrontal cortex ( part of our brain) that helps reduce the stimulus of pain. The more beautiful something is perceived to be, the more that part of the brain lights up! Dancing Innocence

Beauty obviously offers a distraction that blank and bare walls do not. Art like tranquil scenes, colorful tropical paintings, enchanting murals, beach views and similar sights of innocence, freshness and nature plays a vital part in soothing physical as well as mental agony. Beautiful surroundings can even aid the healing process as per the findings reported in the ‘New Scientist’.

In fact, I too, personally recommend the magnificient art by the fabulous artists in this site; Paul, Suzanne and Richard. Their paintings have helped immensely when I had been bedridden for a long time in India due to a severe road accident. Not only the pain was lessened, but my spirits and will power were tremendously multiplied! Cheers and God bless their fantastic endeavours! : )

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‘Autumn Leaves in River’

There are times when we all feel like we are just a passenger in our own lives. When we are there, seemingly getting things done but we don’t really feel in control, we don’t really feel like life is going the way we are trying to direct it.

While this sounds like a scary feeling, actually it’s just life and it happens to everyone. You’re waiting and waiting until everything in your life feels right and then you will start really living, right? You wait until you’ve finished school or study, wait until you have a steady job, wait until you move out own your own, buy your own house, have some savings; when really all of these things are just life.

There will always be a reason to get swept away, and being swept away is how you live. It is a captivating, unique and scary ride but that’s life. These autumn leaves know they are involved in something bigger than themselves. They know they are being swept along and there’s not much they can do about it. So they sit back and enjoy the ride and this is an important reminder everyone can take away from this print every time they see it.

The reflections of the river water and the light filtering through are also clearly visible and this hypnotic and captivating image reminds you again that while you may feel like you have little control over your life, it doesn’t mean life is boring, in fact it’s spectacular and as unique and unusual as the reflections of sun through a flowing stream.

Susanne Leasure has said that she feels she has captured the grand finale that is autumn and I think the feelings of insignificance, of fear and of letting go to see where you end up are inspiring notes to make this piece of wall art a feature in your home.

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Spotlight Your Wall Art

Do you ever just feel so proud of your family that you want to spotlight their achievements and show them off to the world? Well now you can, in the comfort of your own home too. We have an idea for your family photos which will cast a shadow over even the most expensive photo frame.

Why not turn a photography light box into a photo frame and your newest piece of wall art? First of all, choose the collection of photos you want to display. You will need electronic copies of the photos so create a contact sheet in your computer’s photography program and put this on a memory stick, or attach already printed photos onto and A4 piece of paper.

Then take your memory stick or your sheet of photos to get them copied onto acetate. Depending on the type of printer you have, you may be able to do this at home as the acetate sheets are around 40c each.

You can get a light box from photo or framing stores, or just check out eBay for a bargain. Depending on where you get your light box, it may already have mounts to hold your acetate sheet, and if not, you can just stick the sheet on with sticky dots or blu-tak. Now all that’s left to do is hang your light box on the wall from a strong picture hook and let your memories shine out.

Also, because the light box images are so easily interchangeable you can update your photos as the kids and grandkids grow, or even use it to display those old slides which you never have a chance to set up anymore.

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Buying Art Online

“Triple Falls”Does it seem like a Herculean task to look for the kind of art you love, walking through the long alleys of the gallery, while baffling questions pick on your mind about the subject, the price, who painted and with what? Though this may surprise you, many people like me do choose art just because we love them, even though we aren’t experts of what techniques were used, the mediums, styles or the artist.  

However, now that you can go through unlimited options of artwork via the online art sites, easily save a Estuary In The Sunsetconsiderable amount of time and take things at your own pace through the comfort of your own home; isn’t that a huge bonus over scouring an entire gallery for someone to assist you? Not only do you get the benefit of a short biography of the artists and their style in most sites, but also the price with the offered discounts and the best part,(that I adore) a short story about the painting itself! You can even put up your questions and correspond directly with the artists, as well as get some fabulous tips on the framing, maintenance, wall art or décor too!

You may concentrate on your actual reasons for buying art and getting the right pieces, without any external influences here: Planning to gift a piece? Perhaps art as décor for your office or home? Or maybe art as an investment? You may consider building a nice collection of a preferred artist; it could even be that you’re buying something simply because the painting speaks to you, enchants and inspires you.
Whatever be your reason, keep in mind that it is more important that the artwork vibes well with your personal taste and intuition. We often fall into the trap of buying “fashionable” art or “latest trends” that we may not even like!

On the other hand-even if you are some kind of an expert, and would like to possess a particular style or Golden Hillsmedium such as for example, watercolors, oils, acrylics, photographs, poster art, murals, etc, would it really matter when you immediately have an enormous fancy on a particular artwork? I’m sure, at that moment, even if you never cared for or owned a painting in that medium; you’d like to have it around you on your personal spaces. So what is it that makes these styles less important than the other? Be it an acrylic, digital or 3-D image, your own taste and enthusiasm is what is going to make it most popular!

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Wall Art Full of Life ‘Calla Lily’

Calla lillyLilies typically represent death for many people – they are used at funerals and at memorials and remembrance events, but having this powerful photo of a lily displayed as wall art in your home will remind you to not judge individuals on their group’s traits and not to pass judgment before you have considered the whole picture.

In the case of a piece of wall art, the ‘whole picture’ is whatever you imagine is going on outside of the frame, and whatever was happening to the lily captured in this photo at the moment that the flash went off, can transport you out of your world into wherever you need to be.

The lily captured in this wall art photo is so crisp and clear in its colour and texture that you could almost imagine you are looking through a window into its world, rather than through an art frame. You can see the perfectly formed rain drops which have just passed, and while rain is drenching and demeaning, beating down and washing you out, this little lily can sense the accompanying rays of sunlight, welcomed after the downpour.

Hang this piece of wall art somewhere in your home where you will have a chance to admire it, be absorbed in it, and remember the story this flower has to tell. Even though it has been drenched in the rain storm, before the droplets can even dry on its petals it is reaching for the sun, appreciating that it had to withstand the rain to be nourished by it, and now it can relax and bask in the afterglow of the sun knowing that it is still there, still surviving.

So while lilies once represented an ending in death, this photo of a lily makes an aesthetic statement in wall art, as well as one which can enrich your day.