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Earring Wall Art

Earrings are considered an essential piece of art for a lot of women – and some men – when they are putting together their outfits and heading out into the world. Earrings can tell a story and show off your personality in one of the most deliberate ways possible; after all you have to wear clothes when you go out, but you have chosen to punch holes in your ears and decorate them.

However, as anyone who wears earrings knows, you often end up with so many earrings, it seems a shame to hide them away in your jewellery box when you’re not wearing them. Therefore, you may be interested in turning the earrings you can’t wear – because you can only wear one pair at a time – into wall art.

All you will need to do is select your favourite earrings, and the ones with the most eye catching designs and the most vibrant and interesting colours, to create an equally unique piece of wall art for your home. Now that you have a small selection of jewellery, around six pairs of earrings is a good start, choose a dominant or contrasting colour and look for wallpaper, gift wrap or even an artful post card to use as the backing.

Then choose a neutral coloured frame – black or white and even natural wood would work well – and glue the pretty paper you have found to a piece of foam board to fit inside your frame. Now you have a pretty picture frame which is actually a display case for your earrings as you can now punch them into the foam and display them.

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Combination of feldspar and quartz, it is usually in soft green and varies from semi translucent to opaque with flecks of mica. It is also available in colors of yellow, reddish-brown, greenish-brown, bluish-green, orange and silver. The Aventurine is the chosen gemstone for the 8th anniversary of marriage. It makes a beautiful necklace or eardrops and bangles combined with silver or pearls.

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Another affordable member of the Beryl family, it is found in a wide range of blue tints from pale pastels to greenish blue and deep blue. The Aquamarine is considered the anniversary gemstone of the 16th and 19th year of wedding. Aptly known as the ‘Serene One’, for endowing clarity, tranquility, creativity and fortitude, some people have believed that it creates a strong balance in the mental, emotional and physical factors of a person. Some even say it also reduces fluid retention, cleans and strengthens kidneys, spleen, liver and the thyroid. Dark blue Aquamarine may resemble a costlier Sapphire, but beware of the cheaper blue Topaz being passed off as an Aquamarine. We do not believe in the health benefits credited to this stone. However, it looks very nice on a woman as earrings and pendants.

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Discovered recently, this remarkable stone combines the powers of the Citrine and the Amethyst, and comes in tones of orange, purple and yellow. A great cleanser and energiser, it provides relief to ailments caused due to stress, such as migraine, hypertension and stomach ulcers. It is a very versatile stone that can be used in many kinds of jewelry.

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Found abundantly, its purest form is colorless but in Amethysts of a fine quality, you can see vivid and dark tones of purple, reddish-purple and hues of bluish-purple. A coarse grained type of silica mineral quartz, the ‘Elevator’ gem raises spiritual powers and brings a higher consciousness. Amethyst is the birthstone of Aquarius (water bearer), and is the anniversary gem of the 4th and 6th year of marriage. It has a great effect on the brain, pituitary glands, endocrinal and immune systems. A good energizer and cleanser, works well for meditation, intuition and healing. They look great in Victorian styled jewelry and as rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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A kind of fossilized tree resin in colors ranging from yellow to red, green to blue, and mostly honey brown, is termed as the ‘Mindful One’ since it is believed to recall the past centuries. It helps to cure forgetfulness, glandular swellings of lungs and throat, and has a powerful effect on the eyes, digestive and endocrine system. Amber brings good luck, thought highly sensual and magnetic; it enhances the wearer’s charm, inspires kindness, self realization and balances aggressive traits. Amber is used mostly in decorative articles, amulets, beads etc.

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The color of this feldspar mineral gem varies from yellow-green to blue-green and may have fine streaks of white. Popularly called the ‘Thinker,’ it empowers and balances the heart, mind and body. It also tranquilizes the nervous system, increases your creativity and helps dispose of your negative traits. It is often confused with Jade, and considered to make your married life happier.

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Alexandrite: Belonging to the beryl family, this gem is referred to as the ‘Love Child.’ It usually looks green in daylight and reddish purple under artificial lights. A birthstone of Gemini (twins) along with Moonstone and Pearls, it is also the anniversary gemstone of the 45th and 55th year of wedding. It is a stone of good omen, believed to heal you mentally, spiritually and emotionally from trauma, in addition to magnifying your love, joy and the jest to live. It is most beautiful in a ring setting, as the wearer can observe the changing colors.

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A Gift of Love…

A Happy ChildDo you love to see someone’s eyes brighten up and lips curling into a delighted smile? You’re definitely not alone there, and I’m sure you would agree that these moments are really the most rewarding ones in all your experiences. Usually, you feel you yourself were awarded with something precious and you mirror that joyous enthusiasm too!

The next way of achieving this beautiful moment, besides the pleasure of your much awaited arrival; is of course, a thoughtful and considerate gift keeping your near and dear one’s interests at heart.

So how do we pick up the perfect gift that would be treasured and valued for many years and be a lovely ‘Balance’reminder of all your love and best wishes for a lifetime?

First, let us try to analyze about the person we would like to present a gift. What does the person like, dislike, value or what vibes well with his personality and character?

Is the person the Intellectual kind? Surely, books that cater to his interests are a great idea. You could think of an absorbing and interesting video or even an abstract piece of art!

Tidal Churning IICreatively inclined? Color their world with works of art, inspiring paintings, tapestries, sculpture, moving prose, poetry or some creative and beautifully framed photographs of that person or of special moments together.

A pretty socialite..? Delight her with a stunning or chic piece of Transparent sky blue necklacejewelry that would complement her good looks. These items are actually guaranteed to enchant all women of varying ages. The same goes for accessories in gallant young men!

Girl dancing on liquid goldA busy home-maker perhaps..? Surprise her with delicate bone china, artistic accessories of décor that goes with their interiors, artistic or beautiful landscapes, art of happy children or bright flowers that stimulate more energy and joy. Race Day

A sports or health maniac..? Sports gear, usually… but you could add a unique variance in the form of outdoor prints like river rafting or adventurous boat races!

portraitA person difficult to please or has everything? How about a pencil portrait drawn from their photograph by an artist?

Actually, there is a thoughtful gift for every kind of person or any occasion. All it takes is a little observation, time or care. Happy Gifting and presenting to all your cherished ones!!

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What does your jewelry say about you?

With the immense variety in the kinds and designs of jewelry available today;   such as Royal Elegancegemstones, beads, amber, glass, tumbled shells, cultured or natural pearls, dried flower jewelry; leather, silver, gold, bronze, tin, copper; fashion, costume or fine jewelry; traditional tribal jewelry, historic and period replica jewelry; simple or outrageously ornate, audacious or delicate, it seems to be a daunting task to decide what goes best for the exact look and attitude that you want to portray. 

Jewelry, starting from an ancient age has had many different uses among different cultures from modification of the body to a display of power and affluence. However it has never been as diverse as it is in the present day. Contemporary jewelry has created renewed interest in artistic and leisurely pursuits and is as creative as art. 

“Land and Sea” by Janice CollierI was looking for a bold, casual and trendy look for a beach party and fell in love at first sight with “land and sea”, a trance in turquoise which set off quite well with my outfit in silver and corresponding blues of the ocean. The noteworthy thing about this piece is that it makes such a chic statement about your attitude and cool quotient!  

I would certainly chuck all inhibitions and have a blast trying out all these ‘contemporary works of art’ by Janice Collier to experiment all the different looks and find my dearest fantasies coming true!