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Escape with Tropical Beach Art

Has Old Man Winter been over staying his welcome?  Are you feeling trapped under those heavy blankets and sweaters.  Even if you can’t splurge on an exotic vacation to a romantic island, our affordable tropical beach art posters can brighten your room and your mood!  Imagine cheerful art that takes you far away to your ideal escape paradise.  Can you feel the soft ocean breezes?Hammock between palm trees on a tropical beach

This has been a particularly bitter Winter for many people, and given the ongoing struggles with our economy, most of us cannot afford to take off to some gorgeous, balmy beachSAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) also can be a factor in our mood during the long Winter months, when sunlight is diminished.  For those afflicted with the depression associated with this season or even those with a case of the winter blues, it can be difficult to feel motivated.  Many doctors have prescribed doses of vitamin D along with light therapy to assist those with SAD.  Perhaps a cheerful, sunny beach scene along with those treatments can elevate the mood.

Try this:Colorful beach umbrella and chair
Display a large art print of your favorite location or even a place you have always dreamed of visiting on a well-lit wall in your home or office.  Play soft music, waves, or nature sounds and picture yourself in the scene.  Imagine the feel of the soft sand against your skin.  Hear the birds call and the waves lap the shore.  Perhaps you hear laughter of children in the distance or your loved one’s voice.  Take deep cleansing breaths, letting them out slowly.  While you breathe out, try to relax your muscles more and more each time.  These relaxation techniques have proven very helpful to many in alleviating stress and depression when used on a regular basis.

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How Beautiful Art is the Best Medicine!

Sunset ViewLike the power of music is widely known to sooth and cure emotional hurts, viewing beautiful paintings can reduce pain as being a third less intense as when compared to viewing a blank panel. Like actual ocean waves with their reassuring rhythm and freshness can revive any sagging spirit, the mere picture of such a calming and soothing scene can lower BP and fatigue in the elderly or highly stressed individuals.

The reports at the Neuro-physiopathology Pain Unit also confirm that beauty triggers a response  in the orbitofrontal cortex ( part of our brain) that helps reduce the stimulus of pain. The more beautiful something is perceived to be, the more that part of the brain lights up! Dancing Innocence

Beauty obviously offers a distraction that blank and bare walls do not. Art like tranquil scenes, colorful tropical paintings, enchanting murals, beach views and similar sights of innocence, freshness and nature plays a vital part in soothing physical as well as mental agony. Beautiful surroundings can even aid the healing process as per the findings reported in the ‘New Scientist’.

In fact, I too, personally recommend the magnificient art by the fabulous artists in this site; Paul, Suzanne and Richard. Their paintings have helped immensely when I had been bedridden for a long time in India due to a severe road accident. Not only the pain was lessened, but my spirits and will power were tremendously multiplied! Cheers and God bless their fantastic endeavours! : )

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Put Your ‘Oars Ashore’ and Relax

Oars may not be the most spectacular piece of a boat, but they are one of the most important because without them there would be no water adventures and no way to get to the next great fishing spot. But the oars are also not much use on their own and like most people, work best when they work with someone they fit well with, and they can see what they’re trying to achieve.

The rainbow of colors depicted by the oars in ‘Oars Ashore’ by Richard Shaffett also shows that the oars knowcolorful oars from painted boats they are not much good on their own, but they are important in the scheme of things, and so why shouldn’t they look fabulous while they’re waiting for their next adventure to come along. The colors of the oars spliced with the simple, single colors of the ocean and the sky also ensure that you know – even if only for now – that the oars are the center of attention in this seascape painting, and their colors are what will draw your eye when the painting is displayed as a piece of wall art in your home.

The artist believes that the oars would rather be at sea, that is why they are pointing out towards the shore, striving to get back into the water where they do their best work. But I think that these oars are enjoying the chance to chill on the beach for a while. I think this colourful display of oars is quite happy resting in their prime beach position, subtly shaded but still enjoying the warmth of a summer day at the beach.

But after all, isn’t that a trick we’ve all tried before – striving to appear as though we would rather be doing what people expect of us, when we are really quite happy taking a break from the pressure of our position.

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Costa Rica Artwork Stretched and Hung on the Walls

Hi Paul and Susie,

After several false starts we finally have your wonderful artwork stretched and hung on the walls! (but, obviously, photos can never give the full impact.) First thing that everyone comments on is how cool are the shadows in the Manuel Antonio beach painting. It seems that, in each group that stays with us, everyone picks a different painting as their “favorite.”

Tropical Wall MuralLooking back at our notes, it took just overthree years … but was *SO* worth the wait! 😉 If you have any comments or wording you would like added to the above web page, let me know. There is
a lot of empty space on the page, and it occurred to me that it would be fun to add anything that you guys might want to say about the project.

I hope that all is well with both of you!! Cindy and I were thinking of coming back to the US, but it looks like the main road down from will actually get paved starting this month. Yay!

Also, it looks like a very high-end project will soon start construction just up the hill from us. From what we hear, it will be “more than five stars” and possibly the most exclusive destination in all
of Costa Rica, once it’s done.

Wouldn’t you know it: Just after the warranty expired, our crystal ball broke, so now it’s hard to decide what to do next. 😉 Let us know how things are going with the two of you.


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Beach Home Decor

‘Sunset Carp BeachAdd a romantic, rustic and breezy, beach mood to your favorite décor themes to inspire tranquillity with all the natural textures and colors of the sun, sea and the sand. Experiment from the darkest of marine blues to the palest of aqua, to contrast with the vibrant yellow sunshine, pale gold or creamy hues of sand. While the neat lines and restricted color palette bring in a fresh, light-hearted and carefree air, echo the windswept tones of pebbles, shells, tropical palms and driftwood in your accessories to put in the final touches for a jaw dropping beach retreat.

 Here are some style tips for the complete makeover!

Ceiling and walls: Mainly white or neutrals, also aqua, cream or lemon in latex paints, tiles, panels, mosaic details in aqua, stencilled marine motifs or murals like aquatic/marine animals, palm, plantation or colourful birds.

Furniture:Country style, comfortable, large and rustic with color rubbed, limed or weathered wood, besides some work pieces in wicker, cane or wrought iron.

Flooring:Natural wooden flooring with painted, stripped or limed boards, stone/quarry tiles, natural vinyl in complementary colors, natural fiber matting/bamboo or even cork decking over existing floors. Dress your floors with sisal, jute or cotton rugs and mats of coir and seagrass. You may even consider bathmats with designs of starfish, tree or tropical motifs!

Fabrics:Natural textures such as linen in loose weaves, waffle cottons, muslin, towelling, grass cloth and silks in marine, exotic animal/fish/bird prints or stripes.

Accessories:Tropical metal wall art, cane or wicker lampshades, baskets, pots with palm or tropical vegetation, shells, colourful fishes, pebbles, spectacular seascapes, beach or nautical paintings.

Lighting:Select palm or rattan wall sconces, candelabra and light fixtures in tropical subjects to create the ambience. Fishermen’s lanterns in metal or glass also add effect.

Wall art:The fabulous seascapes, beach art, ocean reefs, tropical foliage or aquatic birds and animals found on this site would make a well appreciated addition.

Window dressing:As the finishing touch, choose matchstick or bamboo blinds, linen panels or plantation shutters. Curtains in attractive colors and tropical themes make it all the more attractive!Lobos Devil Culdrin

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Wall Art Full of Life ‘Calla Lily’

Calla lillyLilies typically represent death for many people – they are used at funerals and at memorials and remembrance events, but having this powerful photo of a lily displayed as wall art in your home will remind you to not judge individuals on their group’s traits and not to pass judgment before you have considered the whole picture.

In the case of a piece of wall art, the ‘whole picture’ is whatever you imagine is going on outside of the frame, and whatever was happening to the lily captured in this photo at the moment that the flash went off, can transport you out of your world into wherever you need to be.

The lily captured in this wall art photo is so crisp and clear in its colour and texture that you could almost imagine you are looking through a window into its world, rather than through an art frame. You can see the perfectly formed rain drops which have just passed, and while rain is drenching and demeaning, beating down and washing you out, this little lily can sense the accompanying rays of sunlight, welcomed after the downpour.

Hang this piece of wall art somewhere in your home where you will have a chance to admire it, be absorbed in it, and remember the story this flower has to tell. Even though it has been drenched in the rain storm, before the droplets can even dry on its petals it is reaching for the sun, appreciating that it had to withstand the rain to be nourished by it, and now it can relax and bask in the afterglow of the sun knowing that it is still there, still surviving.

So while lilies once represented an ending in death, this photo of a lily makes an aesthetic statement in wall art, as well as one which can enrich your day.

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Tropical Wrought Iron Wall Art

Tropical Wall ArtWrought iron is such a versatile decorating material that it can be incorporated into almost any decorating style, even if you are creating a tropical theme. Wrought iron can be moulded and finished into almost any shape you can think of and the choice is yours as to whether you seal in its original color or leave it to age and rust, and grow in character.

This is one of the reasons wrought iron is a must have in any tropical decorating project as it can not only complement the colors you have chosen, it also gives a rustic, natural and three dimensional element to the feeling you are creating and the images depicted in your wall art prints.
meatal wall art divider
That’s why I would recommend using a wrought iron frame for Manana Cabana by Richard Shaffett as not only are the colors perfectly matched, it will bring the painting off of the wall and into your life.

To frame this vision of a typical day on a tropical beach in a wrought iron frame, will give a real life texture to the scene which you can already see is there in your mind. The individual reeds of the beach canopy and the smooth, worn timber of the beach lounges are so detailed that they are simply enhanced by being framed by something as equally real as wrought iron.

Also, while the soft blues of the sea and the light creamy sand are reflected in the paint colors and furniture you have already chosen for your tropical redecorating, they also combine with the lively greens, blues, yellows and reds on the waiting boats, to contrast to the deep, rich color of the seascape painting’s wrought iron frame.

So as you settle into your newly decorated tropical retreat, the very real natural colors and textures of your wrought iron wall art frame will help you immerse yourself into your tropical island escape.

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Art Vibes

Vineyard Through Oak TreeAh, you have that mood of summer camp and are nostalgic about those farm visits, fresh home made butter and a ride on your favorite tan horse? However, with all these deadlines and meetings encroaching on your valuable time, Breezyyou probably have to manage with your fond recollections through old photographs, read a book of James Herriot or watch reruns of your favorite shows!

You could also consider putting up fine art reflecting the same feelings around you. Like the beautiful landscape scenes, spirited animals and simple, yet charming flowers Calla lily waterdrops-IIthat seem to come alive with their bright colors to evoke your precious memories or just inspire to leave all your cares away and soak up the golden sun.

Manana CabanaBe it the theme of a beach or a farm space, the common factor here is to create a feeling of being away from the constriction of space and time, worries and anxieties, traffic and pollution. How often we wish, that we could have a break, just for a little while, when we are knee deep in our projects and ‘terra firma’ seems to be miles away!Triple Falls II

These paintings from Leasure Fine Art specialize in bringing us so much closer to nature, making it possible to lose ourselves in a moment in time, in fabulous scenes that we seldom get to see in busy, noisy metros in distant faraway lands. I know this is totally true in my case, where at present, I can simply dream of visiting these marvelous places in person… Though these paintings, you appreciate and wonder how nature manages to maintain ceaselessly, so many beautiful moods and faces; Not simply that, but manages to revive us too, when a single tiring day at work can leave us so drawn and haggard.

I guess art teaches you to indulge in your dreams too, to remind you, “It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns romance, the fear of ridicule, that stops your feet from a happy dance, the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance, and last but not the least, It’s the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.”

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Late Day at McQuay Falls

I saw a movie once in which the main character came upon a tropical scene in which there was a waterfall. Beneath it was a beautiful exotic looking maiden, the falls spilling over her hair as she splashed in its cool waters. He stood there transfixed as the girl danced around beneath the rush of water in this tranquil paradise. Realizing she was no longer alone, she shyly took her outer garments and robed herself, embarrassed by being observed in her jaunty mood. Music played softly in the background. As the camera pulled back, the scene was revealed in all its splendor. The water was magnificent, the beach pristine. The rush of the tide just a few feet away came in cycles of azure, turning back on itself as it once again crept out to sea. It was such a peaceful scene: One which invited you to join in the merriment. I was very surprised to learn that this is a painting of McQuay Falls on Big Sur in California, not some tropical paradise island in the Pacific. But one could imagine that scene taking place here in a distant time. Perhaps a ship is anchored a few hundred feet off shore, her sails at rest. Perhaps a dingy has been dragged up onto the beach where it has disgorged sailors from the merchant ship. Or perhaps they are pirates, coming ashore to find a cave in which to hide their loot. Whatever your imagination can conger, let it roam…for the adventure of the high seas is quite imaginable in this beautiful canvas. This artist has a magnificent ability to portray on canvas scenes we all wish we could witness. Thanks, Susanne Renee Leasure!

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Tropical Wall Art Decorating

Decorating in a tropical theme allows you to adopt any part of the lazy, relaxed feelingtropical wall art hammock which suits you and your home the best. When choosing wall art to suit your tropical theme you can choose art prints which reflect animal coats such as a zebra’s stripes or a leopard’s spots.

Or you can choose art prints which reflect the flora rather than the fauna of tropical scenes, or even simple seascape paintings which include beaches, palm trees and bright sunny colors. For example, in Lazy Daze, Richard Shaffett shows such a vivid tropical seascape that when you gaze upon it you can almost hear the clear green waves gently washing over the beach.

It is this green in the sea and the soft creamy colors of the sand which will perfectly finish off your tropical decorating theme and marry closely with the furniture and paint colors you have already chosen; which is important because your tropical wall art is probably going to be one of the last purchases in your decorating schedule.

Shaffett’s paintings also often have the feeling that the subject of the scene has just left, and he is inviting you to take their place. After all, the hammock is set up, the tide is slowly coming in for the evening and all you have to do is pop the hat over your eyes and enjoy this tropical paradise, complete with palm trees.

Not only can you escape inside Lazy Daze but the bright colors of the sea, the sand, the rich blue sky and the deep green of the palm trees will reflect the colors you have already chosen for your tropical decorating style as perfectly as the sea reflects the sky and the bright clouds moving lazily across.