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How Beautiful Art is the Best Medicine!

Sunset ViewLike the power of music is widely known to sooth and cure emotional hurts, viewing beautiful paintings can reduce pain as being a third less intense as when compared to viewing a blank panel. Like actual ocean waves with their reassuring rhythm and freshness can revive any sagging spirit, the mere picture of such a calming and soothing scene can lower BP and fatigue in the elderly or highly stressed individuals.

The reports at the Neuro-physiopathology Pain Unit also confirm that beauty triggers a response  in the orbitofrontal cortex ( part of our brain) that helps reduce the stimulus of pain. The more beautiful something is perceived to be, the more that part of the brain lights up! Dancing Innocence

Beauty obviously offers a distraction that blank and bare walls do not. Art like tranquil scenes, colorful tropical paintings, enchanting murals, beach views and similar sights of innocence, freshness and nature plays a vital part in soothing physical as well as mental agony. Beautiful surroundings can even aid the healing process as per the findings reported in the ‘New Scientist’.

In fact, I too, personally recommend the magnificient art by the fabulous artists in this site; Paul, Suzanne and Richard. Their paintings have helped immensely when I had been bedridden for a long time in India due to a severe road accident. Not only the pain was lessened, but my spirits and will power were tremendously multiplied! Cheers and God bless their fantastic endeavours! : )

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Selective Vintage Decorating

When you think of vintage decorating you may be haunted by the remnants of the wedding presents and decorating vintage decoratinginspirations of your parents’ home, circa 1970. However, just because your parents still have their first (orange) kitchen table and are now trying to offload their old yellow curtains as you move intoVintage yellow curtains your first home. Well instead of cringing at the ‘generosity’ of your parents for giving you their vintage furniture, fabrics and accessories which they feel will make your new house a home, take and use what you want to create a stylish vintage themed home.

Take a look around at the old curtains your parents have given you, the sewing books and patterns your mother has given you so you can save money making your own clothes, and the sVintage yellow curtainstyle of their home and look at each part separately. Individually, the yellow curtains would not look so glaring, as part of a vintage styled home, as opposed to a home from the same era.

In taking only the styling cues you like from vintage decorating, you have the objectivity to see when there is a bit too much yellow or orange, there is too much furniture, or green carpet is not really what will finish off a room.

Also, don’t discard old books and magazines your mother has given you in cleaning out your old room as not only can you look at a variety of vintage styles, you can use the magazines themselves in your decorating. Frame a series of pages showing rooms in vintage houses, or photos of models from the ‘70s and their hair, clothes and style is what will pull your selectively vintage room together.

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Photo Wall Art

Photo Art

We all do it compulsively don’t we, rush in at every birthday, Christmas party or wedding to get the best photo and perfectly capture the moment, but once it is all over and the photos have been developed they are carefully stored away in a box with the rest of our memories. And it’s even worse now because now we don’t even have to get the photos printed to see how they turned out so instead there are folders and files on our computers of the events we have been a part of but which are not being remembered.

Photo art is one of the easiest, most affordable and not to mention personal ways to decorate your home. When choosing wall art for your home you know to choose a piece which means something special to you and how much more special can you get than personal photographic memories of your life?

There are so many ways to display your photos and you will also have so many photos once you start looking that the hardest part will be to choose how to display your memories. You can start by hanging a pin board in a neutral colour where you can attach photos randomly and this not only allows you to create a personal display, you can also change it when you want to refresh the look, or when you have new photos to add.

If you are decorating your new home, you can even take your photos to the same framer you are using to frame you new pieces of wall art to either get matching frames made, or to see if they can recommend some contrasting funky frames which you can easily work into your new design and colour scheme.

And also remember that if you are clustering a group of photo frames on your wall, don’t use the types of frames where you fit in ten different photos, because each person and each event is special enough to deserve their own photo frame, and a cluster of funky frames makes a striking wall art display.

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Unique Jewelry Art & $20.00 OFF Any Art Print

We would like to make it easy for you to shop in November! With any purchase of our unique jewelry (hand made by jewelry artist Janice Collier), you get $20 OFF any print purchase!Ice Blue Netting Necklace and Earings
I asked Janice to join us here at LoveFineArt because we were all so impressed with her wonderful handcrafted jewelry. Frankly, I am not even a jewelry type of guy. But these pieces are real works of expressive beauty. As soon as I saw these works, I felt I was viewing art, fine art, expressed in stone and metal. Hey, if they moved me, I figured I have to share them with you.
Janice really “puts it out there” with confidence. Beautiful colors, wild twists and turns, unconventional combinations and carefully chosen elements explain why Collier’s work are gaining popularity.

We are aware that these beautiful works of art are presently under-priced. But we know that the best way to showcase her jewelry art, is for you to be wearing it!


So go ahead, purchase a Janice Collier work of artistic jewelry and get $20 OFF any print.