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How to Folk

Folk is said to be the hottest style for 2009 so forget about the winter chills and start preparing for summer right now with these fresh, floaty and bright ideas for folk decorating.

Chances are the walls of your home are a neutral white or cream color, and this is the best possible base for folk decorating. This is because folk decorating is all about natural products and traditional designs, which are reinterpreted for modern living. These traditional floral fabrics and handmade items are then the stars of the show against their white backdrop.

And there is no need to clear out your whole home to begin again from scratch with this decorating style either. Natural products are a feature of folk decorating and so your wooden dining table and chairs will be right at home, and you can add a calico table runner or paper doilies to bring it in line with the rest of your folk style.

This could be a handmade woollen throw rug draped over the back of your couch, in rich chocolate, red, pink, blue and green colors to pick up the pastel tones of the floral fabrics you have hung from the windows, and the cottage flowers you are displaying in a simple glass vase.

The feel for folk decorating is very bohemian and relaxed, so don’t stress out about matching your designs and colors. Simply have a look through op shops for colored ceramic plates and bowls, and select brightly colored and patterned throw cushions to liven up your couch.

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Wall Storage

If you are renovating or redecorating your home, then now is the time to create more wall storage. But don’t think that storage is only about functionality because your storage can be just as artful as the rest of your home.

Now you already know that effective storage is important to allow the artistic and creative elements of your home decoration shine through. So if possible build storage in everywhere, in every room and make it floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. This will give everything a neater and more streamlined appearance, and allow you to show off only what you want to, and hide away everything else.

Another storage trick when decorating is to suspend as many of your storage solutions as possible because if you can see the floor, the space appears larger. For example, attach a suspended storage unit along one wall of your dining room, at waist height, which can act as a buffet. You can even choose a storage system with glass doors to show off all of your best crockery and glassware subtly, as it is out of direct lines of sight.

Open shelving is also very chic when you are looking to redecorate and best of all, it’s cheap! This means you can make a feature out of just about anything if it’s carefully arranged. Add a skinny, free standing shelving system in the bathroom which is the same height as the basin to store your towels. They already match the room and this frees up precious space in your linen press.

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Party Decorating on a Budget

When you are throwing a party or hosting a celebration at your place you want to set the right mood for the event so that it really does feel exciting. However, at the same time you don’t want your house to look as though a party supplies truck has crashed into it, as your home and your life there has its own style already and you can make the most of that when you host a party, rather than just covering every surface with balloons and glitter.

Plus your house is already full of furniture and accessories too, so when you add in a lot of party decorations you lose a lot of entertaining space. Instead, why not consider simply enhancing what you already have. For example, why not string fairy lights across your ceiling to create a lighted pathway from the front door, but from above – it doesn’t take up any space at all but adds perfect mood lighting.

And why not decorate with streamers instead of balloons as they too take up much less space and can be a lot classier. Why not suspend a row of streamers from the underside of your kitchen’s breakfast bar, and hang a matching row of streamers across doorways or windows for a fluttery and fun display.

And don’t forget that most events have built in decorations. A birthday celebration will undoubtedly have an intricately decorated cake, while at Christmas time, you often don’t need much more decoration than a fully laden Christmas tree.

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Plug in Bling

The kitchen used to be seen as more of a utility room – it was where you had to go to do the job of cooking and you left it as soon as possible after the last dish was dried. However, the kitchen is now coming into its own as a space where your decorating style can continue uninterrupted, to the extent that many people make their kitchen a separate feature of their home.

Of course to do this the latest and greatest new technology has been brought into play to let your kitchen furniture shine. A fridge is no longer just a fridge, it is also a TV, an ice maker and is lit by LEDs for a brightness to rival your supermarket. And of course, just as storage is important in other parts of your home decorating to remove the clutter and achieve a streamlined look which allows the true features of your style to come through, so too are your kitchen appliances, with gas cook tops which have hidden jets and close up to a flat (easy to clean) surface when not in use.

Your kitchen is not an area of your home which should be forgotten in your decorating and with the latest bling plugged in, and bolder paint choices and bench top and tile colours, it won’t be. Look at decorating your kitchen as you would any other room and choose the latest styles and colours – ones which appeal to you – and incorporate them into your home because with open plan living your kitchen is no longer shut away, and when you think about how much time you really do spend in the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms of the house.

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The Watercolor Painting, “Assorted Fruit” and the Inspiration Behind It.

I usually get my inspiration right out of my refrigerator or the produce section of the grocery store. This time it was the fridge. I was extremely hungry and couldn’t decide what I was hungry for. Out of sheer desperation, I pulled out everything that looked good onto the kitchen table. Then it hit me. I had created the perfect still life. My hunger forgotten (which is a good thing) I set about to paint the masterpiece I had just put together.

Assorted Fruit