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Earring Wall Art

Earrings are considered an essential piece of art for a lot of women – and some men – when they are putting together their outfits and heading out into the world. Earrings can tell a story and show off your personality in one of the most deliberate ways possible; after all you have to wear clothes when you go out, but you have chosen to punch holes in your ears and decorate them.

However, as anyone who wears earrings knows, you often end up with so many earrings, it seems a shame to hide them away in your jewellery box when you’re not wearing them. Therefore, you may be interested in turning the earrings you can’t wear – because you can only wear one pair at a time – into wall art.

All you will need to do is select your favourite earrings, and the ones with the most eye catching designs and the most vibrant and interesting colours, to create an equally unique piece of wall art for your home. Now that you have a small selection of jewellery, around six pairs of earrings is a good start, choose a dominant or contrasting colour and look for wallpaper, gift wrap or even an artful post card to use as the backing.

Then choose a neutral coloured frame – black or white and even natural wood would work well – and glue the pretty paper you have found to a piece of foam board to fit inside your frame. Now you have a pretty picture frame which is actually a display case for your earrings as you can now punch them into the foam and display them.

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Artful View

If you have a home with a view, this will be one of the first things people remark on when they enter your home as a breathtaking view really can be the centrepiece of your home and decorating style. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have secured themselves a home on high, with perfectly positioned windows, overlooking a stunning view.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still create a view which will take your visitors’ breath away, and turn a blank wall into something more stunning than even the most expensive landscape painting you could hang. Since everyone is captured by views, landscapes and seascapes, you now have the opportunity to create a view you have always dreamed of. Do you love the look of the city skyline but you live in the suburbs? Or do you yearn to be beside the seaside but instead are stuck in a city apartment?

Well bring the view to you. You may have a large open wall space, or just a small narrow space above your kitchen bench but beneath your kitchen cupboards. Well whatever the space, you can turn it into wall art in an instant. Once you have decided on your dream view, have a photo of this view blown up and printed to the size of your ‘window’ space, then laminated.

Then all you have to do is stick up your new view with sticky dots to your wall, or onto an existing window and you have the view you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, it is much easier to get a new print made up than to move house when you’re sick of the view!

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Modern Art’s a Start

Decorative wall art- Iris in Bloom IBuilding a new home is an exciting, trying but mostly long process so when your builder finally hands over the keys, you want to start making this new house your very own home. However, when you start with a blank slate such as a new home, you are probably surrounded by a sleek stainless steel kitchen which you fell in love with when you saw it in a magazine, modern dark wood floorboards which the salesman said everyone is putting in right now, and a home that’s so modern and up to date that you don’t even know how to start softening it into being a home.

Well first of all you can take the modern chromes, browns and beiges and look for a piece of wall art which reflects these colors and styles. However, you will probably find that the modern pieces of wall art you find in these colours and styles are just as stark and unwelcoming as your unfurnished brand new home.

Iris in Bloom I by Mark Everest has the modern browns and beiges you are looking for to suit the style of your new home, yet the subject of the painting is actually a very homely collection of flowers, grasses and leaves. It is also part of a series and while Iris in Bloom II is of the same style and subject, I feel that number one is softer and more flowing, which is the look you are going for when decorating a new home

The subtle blocky style of the painting will also marry up to the modern sleek lines of your new home, but the starkness is softened by the imprecise borders of the individual boxes and the snapshots of what could be individual landscape paintings.

This painting is also a simple and neutral style so that while it fits with the beginnings of your home decorating style, it will also maintain its relevance when you become more confident in your decorating and wall art choices and even if you choose to repaint your home at some stage.

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Define & Experiment

Design and decorating are not rocket science, but are much like any other aspect of your life, you can listen to the experts, read the reviews and do the research but at the end of the day, it is about what works for you. No one can tell you what you like and don’t like, and no one can tell you how to decorate your home so it works for you.

And that is the most important thing – while you want your home to be stylish and welcoming and of course be the envy of all of your friends, it is also your home and you shouldn’t compromise on the functionality of your home just for its looks.

But the good news is there are plenty of stylish ways to make your home functional, and the best part of decorating is finding these ways. There is no right or wrong answer so experiment with your decorating and if the paint colour is off paint over it, if the furniture is uncomfortable get rid of it! In experimenting with your design styles, don’t forget about yourself, and make sure there is room for personal items – trophies if that’s something important to your family, family photos and albums, books, the kids artwork or even just flowers which you grew in your own garden.

In displaying all of these personal items, don’t forget about defining your spaces. Both these goals can be achieved by using a bookcase to house all of your personal items. No matter how chock full you fill your bookcase, it won’t look untidy because it is defined.

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Wall Space for a Desk?

Often the problem with your desk is finding space on it under the files people have told you urgently need your attention, the phone messages, invoices and not to mention the coffee cups and chocolate wrappers.

Luckily for you though, you get to leave the chaos of your desk at the office but do you find you still need a desk space at home too? Or do the kids need somewhere to do their homework or set up the laptop so you can keep an eye on them? Well creating a study or a space for a desk doesn’t have to be a major decorating extravaganza.

Actually, you can create space for a desk in the seemingly smallest space. To start with, look around your home for a corner or even a stretch of wall which you can’t really do much with. Once you’ve found it, no matter what shape or size it is, paint it off from the rest of the room. You can do this with a solid colour of paint to define the space, or even by masking off a pattern of stripes, anything which makes it different, and gives it its own personality.

Then you can go down and pick up a fold down table, the kind which screws into the wall and folds away when you’re not using it. Now you have your desk and your space and all you need to do is get to work, enjoy afternoon tea or answer a few emails.

You can personalise the space by choosing simple pieces of wall art to match the colours of the defining paint. Or you can screw special mounts into the wall above your new desk and hang those decorative plates which you never seem to get around to using but are still gorgeous to look at.

Now you have a decorative space even when the desk is not in use and you have a purpose built space to set up the task for the day.

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Decorate Bigger

We all want more space in our homes, to feel like we can escape, be alone, or even to make our home feel less crowded when we have people over. Well if your decorating plans (and budget) don’t include knocking down walls or extending rooms, here are a few steps to make your home look bigger just by your choice of paint, furniture and wall art;


1.    Choose lighter colours as they reflect daylight and artificial light making any space seem bigger.
2.    For an soft glowing effect, use a eggshell or flat paint.
3.    A low ceiling can make a room or home seem smaller so paint that in a light, reflective colour too.


1.    Use neutral colours which follow the palette of the light paint colour.
2.    Choose light coloured fabric for your furniture, rugs and light fittings to continue to allow light to reflect around the room.
3.    Don’t use oversized furniture, if the room is small, use small furniture to give an illusion of more space, it just means you may have to wait until you can knock down walls before you furnish your home with large Chesterfield couches.

Wall Art

Decorating in light colors doesn’t just mean using white and beige, instead, pick a colorWall Art of Avila Painting from a piece of wall art and follow that theme.

For example, Avila Reflections II by Susanna Leasure uses a light colour palette to capture the seascape, yet the painting isn’t bland. You can follow the blues of the water and the pink reflections in the water in your decorating choices and use these accents to create splashes of colour.

These pale colours are also contrasted by the reds of the rocks, the dark blues of the deeper ocean, the rich pinks of the sea and the greens of the plants and still this seascape painting is light and reflective as these darker contrasts are used only in splashes to create interest.

You can take inspiration from the colour combinations in this painting when choosing the finishing accessories for your decorating project, or looking at the red trim on a beige sofa or a pink fleck through a cream rug.

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Simple But Elegant Bathroom Decor

The bathroom can be one of the neglected areas in your home decorating projects, not only because it can be costly to get plumbing re-fitted and new tiles laid, but you also Elegant and simple Bthroom decordon’t want to go without your bathroom for weeks on end while you wait for the tradesmen to get their act together and finish the job.

Well, if you do it right the first time, you will be able to easily, and affordably redecorate your bathroom whenever the mood takes you, and you won’t have to rush to your neighbors’ when nature calls either.

In a bathroom decoration, you can’t go wrong with white. It is great for resale, won’t date, and will fit any color scheme, and any mood you are in when you’re choosing new towels. Also, most bathroom accessories come in a standard white colour, so you’re also not paying for abstract colours and fittings.

While you may love patterned furniture, rugs and curtains, in your bathroom decorating, keep to plain tile colours as they will make the area seem larger. Larger tiles will also make a bathroom seem bigger, as well as tiling all the way to the roof.

Now comes the fun part of any decorating project – accessorising. The colours andWhite bathrrom with wood floor styles of the candles, towels, posters and vintage wrought iron towel rails you choose will make a previously stark bathroom, uniquely yours.

You could choose a free standing wrought iron screen where you can hang your clothes and bathrobe while you shower. Or a piece of metal wall art will contrast stunningly to the white tiles of your bathroom, and the heat and steam will only add character, rather than ruin your hanging.

And make sure you carry the theme of your home into your bathroom too. For example, if you have chosen tropical wall art, or seascape paintings in your home, the bathroom is the place to bring that theme to life, by creating a spa like sanctuary with themed accessories.

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Choose Artwork to Aid Better Recovery

Art on the wall of an MRI roomHow to choose artwork to aid better recovery

Today hospitals have started incorporating their own permanent art programs which have colored the walls, ceilings and exteriors of their facilities. Indeed, artwork should always and at all places be forethought when designing or renovating your health care environment to support goals of pain management or wholesome and rapid recovery with fewer side effects. A few essential things to consider when choosing your work of art are:

• What is the purpose of the given space?
Whether the available space is where the patient will spend a considerable amount of time such as an imaging room, or a simple examination room that requires less ‘waiting’ time. Artwork that captures viewers’ interest and imagination with an immediate diversion from the cold, hi-tech and bleak hospital equipment are ideal whereas simple scenes are well suited for areas where patients do not feel a lot of stress and discomfort.
• What is the patient’s expected state of mind when present in this room? As we all know blue and green are the best colors that soothe and calm, it makes sense to utilize them in relaxing, restful scenes in radiation and chemotherapy rooms that make patients quite anxious and agitated. Warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows are wonderful for areas where you need to energize the patients such as a room for physiotherapy or orthopedic departments.
• What will be the duration of the treatment for the patient in this room?
An absorbing picture or scene with a lot of detail is wonderful for areas that will require a long waiting period for the patients. Scenes of moving water (like a waterfall) may stimulate bladder response for patients who have to keep a full bladder for specific ultrasound or scans while it could also raise stress in someone who is asked to refrain from drinking water as before an operation.

• The seriousness of the patient’s malady? Definitely, a terminally ill patient would bmural in lobby of Peublo Radiologye irritated to have an abstract art or vibrant picture of jaunty boats in his room. Even religious art is better avoided as the patient may not follow the same beliefs. Soothing green and lush foliage is a good option as the color is associated with harmony, nature, hope and relief from pain. It is also believed to assist in lowering blood pressure, heart conditions, asthma, back problems and sleeplessness.

It is really so easy to plan your artwork to maximize the positivism in your health care environment and assist quicker, healthier recoveries; once you begin to understand the psychological implications encoded in art, the way it is perceived in the health care situation, and how to utilize it in a therapeutic manner.

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Decorating With Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art may hold different decorating ideas for different people, however, metal wall art does not have to be Fireplace Mantle Metal Wall Artthe traditional chunky statues, frames or features you imagine when you think of it. Metal wall art is also used to great effect as grilles and they make the perfect permanent display inside or out, and can also be easily removed if you are moving or renting.

Metal wall art grilles come in all shapes, sizes and patterns, to suit your existing decorating style and the color scheme of your room or garden. By their nature, metal wall art grilles are not solid, but are patterned with cut out sections or areAbstract Mantle Metal Wall Art simply an outline of a shape or object. This lessens their sometimes overbearing impact, and also allows you to use the contrasting color of the display wall, to add to your metal wall art.

Inside, a metal wall art grille may contrast sharply with a traditionally light colored paint on your interior walls. Or fAbstract Metal Wall Artor a more subtle decoration of wall art, your metal grille may hang on a dark feature wall, either a deep bronze color or a rich plum to compliment the strong color of the metal and make the wall art a feature of your feature wall worth looking twice at.

Outside hang your metal wall art to achieve the same effects. For example, you may have a plain brick fence and want to give it a little personality with a metal wall art grille. The grille will hang proudly in yTree of Life Metal Wall Artour backyard and grow more stunning as natural weathering enhances its colors and textures. Or you may have erected a bamboo screen in your Metal Wall Art Squarebackyard to segment a sanctuary type area or simply hide your garden shed, but the earthy texture of your screen will make the perfect backdrop for a metal grille.

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Framed Wall Art

Old frames seem to be one of those things which you can never really bear to throw away. You may have even seen old photo or picture frames at garage sales or second hand stores and seen their former beauty and their current charm but not known how to bring it out.

Well even if you have a collection of old frames with broken glass and lost backings, you can still make them a part of your weekend decorating project and let them shine once more. These frames may be a collection of colours, textures and even materials – well even better!

You may have old wooden frames, metal frames or silver frames and any sort of collection will make a stunning wall art display. All you have to do is clean up the frames by carefully washing or polishing them, depending on what they are made of, at the same time removing any glass and any of the backing still in the frames; yes you want to be able to see through to the other side.

Now that you have your collection of wooden and metal frames you can display them however you like. You may have off cuts of old wallpaper or some pretty wrapping paper which pulls out the colour pallets of the frames. If this is the case, all you have to do is cut out a new backing for your frames from cardboard and frame your paper for a vintage feel.

Or, if you have a striking feature wall in your home of a stunning paint colour or a gorgeous wallpaper pattern, simply hang your frames empty. The wood and metal of the frames will create the perfect textural contrast to the paint or wallpaper, and you can make a feature of your feature wall by ‘framing’ it.