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Framed Wall Art

Old frames seem to be one of those things which you can never really bear to throw away. You may have even seen old photo or picture frames at garage sales or second hand stores and seen their former beauty and their current charm but not known how to bring it out.

Well even if you have a collection of old frames with broken glass and lost backings, you can still make them a part of your weekend decorating project and let them shine once more. These frames may be a collection of colours, textures and even materials – well even better!

You may have old wooden frames, metal frames or silver frames and any sort of collection will make a stunning wall art display. All you have to do is clean up the frames by carefully washing or polishing them, depending on what they are made of, at the same time removing any glass and any of the backing still in the frames; yes you want to be able to see through to the other side.

Now that you have your collection of wooden and metal frames you can display them however you like. You may have off cuts of old wallpaper or some pretty wrapping paper which pulls out the colour pallets of the frames. If this is the case, all you have to do is cut out a new backing for your frames from cardboard and frame your paper for a vintage feel.

Or, if you have a striking feature wall in your home of a stunning paint colour or a gorgeous wallpaper pattern, simply hang your frames empty. The wood and metal of the frames will create the perfect textural contrast to the paint or wallpaper, and you can make a feature of your feature wall by ‘framing’ it.

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Buying Art Online

“Triple Falls”Does it seem like a Herculean task to look for the kind of art you love, walking through the long alleys of the gallery, while baffling questions pick on your mind about the subject, the price, who painted and with what? Though this may surprise you, many people like me do choose art just because we love them, even though we aren’t experts of what techniques were used, the mediums, styles or the artist.  

However, now that you can go through unlimited options of artwork via the online art sites, easily save a Estuary In The Sunsetconsiderable amount of time and take things at your own pace through the comfort of your own home; isn’t that a huge bonus over scouring an entire gallery for someone to assist you? Not only do you get the benefit of a short biography of the artists and their style in most sites, but also the price with the offered discounts and the best part,(that I adore) a short story about the painting itself! You can even put up your questions and correspond directly with the artists, as well as get some fabulous tips on the framing, maintenance, wall art or décor too!

You may concentrate on your actual reasons for buying art and getting the right pieces, without any external influences here: Planning to gift a piece? Perhaps art as décor for your office or home? Or maybe art as an investment? You may consider building a nice collection of a preferred artist; it could even be that you’re buying something simply because the painting speaks to you, enchants and inspires you.
Whatever be your reason, keep in mind that it is more important that the artwork vibes well with your personal taste and intuition. We often fall into the trap of buying “fashionable” art or “latest trends” that we may not even like!

On the other hand-even if you are some kind of an expert, and would like to possess a particular style or Golden Hillsmedium such as for example, watercolors, oils, acrylics, photographs, poster art, murals, etc, would it really matter when you immediately have an enormous fancy on a particular artwork? I’m sure, at that moment, even if you never cared for or owned a painting in that medium; you’d like to have it around you on your personal spaces. So what is it that makes these styles less important than the other? Be it an acrylic, digital or 3-D image, your own taste and enthusiasm is what is going to make it most popular!

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Amsterdam artist expresses his fascination with nature and the organic

marcel-art-1.jpgDoes the beauty found in nature awe you? Marcel is an artist who is drawn to organic shapes. This Amsterdam artist expresses his fascination with nature and the organic through his art. His drawings are highly detailed and reflect the structure and order of design in the natural organic living things that surround us. Please subscribe to our blog and let us know what you think of Marcel’s works by leaving a comment.

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Create a Liquid Art Display

Art is about life, it reflects life, so why would you buy just one stunning piece of art and display it in your lounge room for the rest of your life? You wouldn’t. Well you shouldn’t.


Buying and displaying art is no different to any other purchase you make for your home. You wouldn’t go out and pay $50,000 for a couch because you know that fashions and styles change, and you also know that your own tastes will probably change too. So instead you buy a couch which you love now, and one which fits with your current decor; when you paint your lounge room, change your carpet or buy a new piece of wall art, you will update your couch, move it to the rumpus room and find a new piece which excites your tastes.Full moon over a low tide on California’s Central Coast


Choosing and displaying your wall decor should be approached with the same theory of creating a liquid display. While you may have chosen a seascape painting to be part of your lounge room wall decor because it reminds you of when you and your partner renewed your wedding vows in Fiji, the rest of your lounge room is bound to change during the years you live in it, and so should your wall art display.


The fresh colors and themes of your seascape painting may fit perfectly with your caramel colored couch, your creamy tiles and your mint wall paint, but when you choose to update your couch, put in floorboards and change the wall colors for a more modern look, your seascape art looks out of place. Therefore, you will move your wedding reminder to hang on a wall in your bedroom and you will find a rich piece of landscape wall art to compliment your new color scheme.


Art reflects the lives, moods and stages of your home, all of which change either slowly, regularly or rapidly, but to ensure your home remains a haven where you always feel comfortable and relaxed, your wall art displays need to be able to keep up with your life.

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Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are old advertisements which have been saved and preserved, to become highly collectable items and now create striking displays of vintage wall art. Vintage posters were designed and created during a time when graphic designers had begun being used for advertising, making sure the images were powerful and eye-catching.

Many of the most popular vintage posters sought after today originated in Europe, where the influences of French and Italian artists can be seen and enjoyed. Mucha was a Czech artist who was working in Paris at the turn of the century and was influenced by the Art Nouveau style, recognizable by images of dreamy eyed women in flowing gowns.

Old Paris art is therefore reflected in the vintage posters recovered from that time, and if you can find a unique vintage poster which interests you, you may even be able to decorate your home with French wall art without blowing your budget.

Vintage posters were not signed or numbered when they were created with the intention of being posted on billboards and buildings and being displayed for only a few weeks. Therefore, while vintage art is not intentionally anonymous, you will probably search and buy on the warm colours and cultural themes of the work, rather than who created it.

Advertising has always encompassed every industry, so if you are looking for vintage posters of a particular theme, product or place, you are likely to be rewarded. There is also a large collection of vintage bicycle posters which were made to promote new bicycles, as well as photographic and more recent art works featuring vintage bicycles.

The warm colours of vintage posters also make a great starting point for a vintage themed room or renovation as the posters were originally created to evoke a response in the customer and are still able to give uniqueness and meaning to modern decorating.

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How to Buy Affordable Fine Art

As artists we have had many people say that they love our artwork but could not fit it into their budget. That got our ‘gears’ rolling. We want everyone to be able to afford to own artwork. We were contemplating the average persons desire to decorate their home in a beautiful, yet affordable way. One way to purchase affordable art is Continue reading How to Buy Affordable Fine Art

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What is an “Artist’s Proof”

The designation “Artist’s Proof” makes reference to the initial reproduction efforts and their close scrutiny by the artists who create the original works.

Carried over from the early print making days, artist’s proofs represent initial reproduction efforts and their close scrutiny by the artists who create the original works. Continue reading What is an “Artist’s Proof”

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What is Hand Enhaced ( also Re-Touched)

Hand Enhanced– This refers to the artist going back over a print, usually a giclée on canvas, with artist’s paints. The artist does this to enhance the print’s color and texture to resemble the original work of art even more closely than the giclée reproduction. When the artist enhances (also called re-touching) the art print, not only does the art print look as exactly like the original artwork as possible, it also makes that print unique from all the others. Many print collectors appreciate the extra time and attention from the artist as well.