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Modern Art’s a Start

Decorative wall art- Iris in Bloom IBuilding a new home is an exciting, trying but mostly long process so when your builder finally hands over the keys, you want to start making this new house your very own home. However, when you start with a blank slate such as a new home, you are probably surrounded by a sleek stainless steel kitchen which you fell in love with when you saw it in a magazine, modern dark wood floorboards which the salesman said everyone is putting in right now, and a home that’s so modern and up to date that you don’t even know how to start softening it into being a home.

Well first of all you can take the modern chromes, browns and beiges and look for a piece of wall art which reflects these colors and styles. However, you will probably find that the modern pieces of wall art you find in these colours and styles are just as stark and unwelcoming as your unfurnished brand new home.

Iris in Bloom I by Mark Everest has the modern browns and beiges you are looking for to suit the style of your new home, yet the subject of the painting is actually a very homely collection of flowers, grasses and leaves. It is also part of a series and while Iris in Bloom II is of the same style and subject, I feel that number one is softer and more flowing, which is the look you are going for when decorating a new home

The subtle blocky style of the painting will also marry up to the modern sleek lines of your new home, but the starkness is softened by the imprecise borders of the individual boxes and the snapshots of what could be individual landscape paintings.

This painting is also a simple and neutral style so that while it fits with the beginnings of your home decorating style, it will also maintain its relevance when you become more confident in your decorating and wall art choices and even if you choose to repaint your home at some stage.

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Put Your ‘Oars Ashore’ and Relax

Oars may not be the most spectacular piece of a boat, but they are one of the most important because without them there would be no water adventures and no way to get to the next great fishing spot. But the oars are also not much use on their own and like most people, work best when they work with someone they fit well with, and they can see what they’re trying to achieve.

The rainbow of colors depicted by the oars in ‘Oars Ashore’ by Richard Shaffett also shows that the oars knowcolorful oars from painted boats they are not much good on their own, but they are important in the scheme of things, and so why shouldn’t they look fabulous while they’re waiting for their next adventure to come along. The colors of the oars spliced with the simple, single colors of the ocean and the sky also ensure that you know – even if only for now – that the oars are the center of attention in this seascape painting, and their colors are what will draw your eye when the painting is displayed as a piece of wall art in your home.

The artist believes that the oars would rather be at sea, that is why they are pointing out towards the shore, striving to get back into the water where they do their best work. But I think that these oars are enjoying the chance to chill on the beach for a while. I think this colourful display of oars is quite happy resting in their prime beach position, subtly shaded but still enjoying the warmth of a summer day at the beach.

But after all, isn’t that a trick we’ve all tried before – striving to appear as though we would rather be doing what people expect of us, when we are really quite happy taking a break from the pressure of our position.

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The Filtered Light of a Fairy Tale

We have all passed along a road or path like the one which Susanne Leasure has captured in the wall art print ‘Filtered Light in Montana de Oro Giclee’ and we know the feeling of magic and wonder at the beauty of this natural spectacle, and the desire to linger in this wonderful canopy for just a little longer.

Montana de Oro Wall PaintingSuch a common and unique image at the same time, this landscape painting will evoke the emotions and memories of many who view it and when it does, it has achieved its purpose. While the painting is of a real roadway in the California State Park, the feelings and the magic of the image are universal. The image is captured just before a bend in the road, making us believe that while we are in the most beautiful part of the world we could ever imagine, there is something even more special waiting just around the corner.

The clarity of the image in the forefront of the painting and the misty, softer image at the bend in the road lends more possibility to the surprises awaiting you just around the corner of the print.

Such a captivating and engaging landscape painting makes the perfect balancing piece of wall art for a space opposite a picture window or a set of large glass French doors in your home. While you can enjoy the view out of your window and you know you can go out into your garden and enjoy the view you see from inside, the painting gives you the same impression, making you feel like you could just as easily decide to turn around and take a leisurely walk through the California State Park, or even through another world.

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Life in Golden Hills

Golden hills of Centtral California wall at painting

‘Golden Hills I’ is not just a landscape painting, because while it shows the stunning hillsides of the Los Padres Range, to me, the hills, slopes and valleys have a special personality, and seem to come to life as you look closer, or more precisely, seem to have stopped whatever they were doing as soon as you gazed upon them and are waiting for you to look away before they can come back to life.

The smooth– and as the artist points out, naked – hills look like they could be huge people, nestled under a blanket, round tummies and heads creating the shapes we accept as a natural formation of hills and valleys. But the hills are just resting and as you watch the shadows creeping across the painting and see the golds being transformed into deep greens and violets, and I get the impression that the hills are just waiting for the sun to pass over them and set before they throw off their blankets and start up their party. They’re waiting for you to go too of course.

The perspective of this landscape painting is also unique as while the viewer knows that, because of their nature, the hills are enormous and imposing natural creations, we feel just as big as we look upon them. While many landscape paintings depicting hills and mountain ranges are painted from within a valley, or looking up at the hills, we see the Golden Hills full on, on their same level and the effect is one of empowerment and peace.

Empowerment at feeling as on top of the world as a mountain range must feel every day, and peace at knowing that being confronted with this normally imposing mountain range, you are right up there with it, you can take it on, or you can join its party, but you have the choice.

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Costa Rica Artwork Stretched and Hung on the Walls

Hi Paul and Susie,

After several false starts we finally have your wonderful artwork stretched and hung on the walls! (but, obviously, photos can never give the full impact.) First thing that everyone comments on is how cool are the shadows in the Manuel Antonio beach painting. It seems that, in each group that stays with us, everyone picks a different painting as their “favorite.”

Tropical Wall MuralLooking back at our notes, it took just overthree years … but was *SO* worth the wait! 😉 If you have any comments or wording you would like added to the above web page, let me know. There is
a lot of empty space on the page, and it occurred to me that it would be fun to add anything that you guys might want to say about the project.

I hope that all is well with both of you!! Cindy and I were thinking of coming back to the US, but it looks like the main road down from will actually get paved starting this month. Yay!

Also, it looks like a very high-end project will soon start construction just up the hill from us. From what we hear, it will be “more than five stars” and possibly the most exclusive destination in all
of Costa Rica, once it’s done.

Wouldn’t you know it: Just after the warranty expired, our crystal ball broke, so now it’s hard to decide what to do next. 😉 Let us know how things are going with the two of you.


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‘Autumn Leaves in River’

There are times when we all feel like we are just a passenger in our own lives. When we are there, seemingly getting things done but we don’t really feel in control, we don’t really feel like life is going the way we are trying to direct it.

While this sounds like a scary feeling, actually it’s just life and it happens to everyone. You’re waiting and waiting until everything in your life feels right and then you will start really living, right? You wait until you’ve finished school or study, wait until you have a steady job, wait until you move out own your own, buy your own house, have some savings; when really all of these things are just life.

There will always be a reason to get swept away, and being swept away is how you live. It is a captivating, unique and scary ride but that’s life. These autumn leaves know they are involved in something bigger than themselves. They know they are being swept along and there’s not much they can do about it. So they sit back and enjoy the ride and this is an important reminder everyone can take away from this print every time they see it.

The reflections of the river water and the light filtering through are also clearly visible and this hypnotic and captivating image reminds you again that while you may feel like you have little control over your life, it doesn’t mean life is boring, in fact it’s spectacular and as unique and unusual as the reflections of sun through a flowing stream.

Susanne Leasure has said that she feels she has captured the grand finale that is autumn and I think the feelings of insignificance, of fear and of letting go to see where you end up are inspiring notes to make this piece of wall art a feature in your home.

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Welcome a New Artist to Love Fine Art

LoveFineArt is very excited to announce that we will soon be exhibiting the works of Mary-Anna Fricano Welch!Kitchen Art of Mary-Anna Welch Mary-Anna is a talented artist from Beavercreek Ohio.

Her beautiful simple designs are perfect for decorating contemporary interiors with various brightly colored fruits and vegetables.
FricanoWelch’s art is a blend of traditional colors and images with contemporary styles and forms.

When asked about her subject matter, Mary-Anna responds with, “I have Tomato Wall Arta black thumb and can’t grow anything but weeds. By painting my garden I always have a rainbow of colors to enjoy, no matter what season.”

Keep checking back with us. In the very near future you will find Mary-Anna’s Colorful food and kitchen wall art displayed here for you to enjoy.

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Mural Wall Art of Paul Leasure

wall art murals of fine artMany of our visitors have asked to see the wall art murals of Paul Leasure (one of the artists represented by I’m sorry it took me a while to get around to it but here is a PDF file of his work.
We have also put together a list of Leasure’s mural installations.
Please checkout the PDF and let us know what you think. We have been considering producing giclee print appliqués of his work and the art of Susanne Renee Leasure.

Paul and Susanne are having a new web built that represents their work exclusively. In the mean time, LoveFine Art has been asked to show what we can of their mural work.

Would you like to see the works of an up and coming contemporary artists on

Leave us comment and let us know!

Here is a list of wall art murals including ceiling murals by Paul Leasure.

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Artist Worth Mentioning: Gerard Boersma

This hyperrealism painting reminded me that every day life in the cityscape when its perception has been focused is quite capable of being art. When I came upon The Choicethis work of art I felt as though I stopped my stride in the isle of a grocery store. I could feel the desire for a beer well up inside me. I started craving a dark heavy lager. I was surprised that something so commercial could be so appealing in an artistic way.

The artist, Gerard Boersma, relative of the famous Dutch artist Jopie Huisman, studied painting and fine art at the School of Arts Minerva
in the Netherlands. To read his impressive biography and see more of his art just visit his blog at