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Sunset Seascape Mural

As I was staring at the 5’wide by 10’tall blank canvas, my mind began to travel back to the Pacific shores of Costa Rica. On the Osa Peninsula last Summer, we saw the most spectacular sunsets imaginable. One in particular was quite a memorable experience! Paul and I hurried down the path, through bamboo forest and fruit trees full of chattering white-faced monkeys, to reach the palm-lined cove. Coconuts were scattered everywhere across the sandy beach, and orchids grew right on the boulders within reach of the salty sea spray! As the clouds transformed into a palette of orange, purple and red, the reflections in the water looked like liquid light. Waves crashed against the rocks, palm fronds rustled in the breeze, and the distant sound of a flock of Scarlett Macaws completed the effect. Transfixed by the unsurpassed beauty, we stayed until it was nearly too dark to make our way back to the cabana. This is the scene that has begun to fill my empty canvas that reaches as high as my ceiling. The glowing colors lift my mood and as it nears completion, I will write more about the actual technique of painting a seascape.