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Put Your ‘Oars Ashore’ and Relax

Oars may not be the most spectacular piece of a boat, but they are one of the most important because without them there would be no water adventures and no way to get to the next great fishing spot. But the oars are also not much use on their own and like most people, work best when they work with someone they fit well with, and they can see what they’re trying to achieve.

The rainbow of colors depicted by the oars in ‘Oars Ashore’ by Richard Shaffett also shows that the oars knowcolorful oars from painted boats they are not much good on their own, but they are important in the scheme of things, and so why shouldn’t they look fabulous while they’re waiting for their next adventure to come along. The colors of the oars spliced with the simple, single colors of the ocean and the sky also ensure that you know – even if only for now – that the oars are the center of attention in this seascape painting, and their colors are what will draw your eye when the painting is displayed as a piece of wall art in your home.

The artist believes that the oars would rather be at sea, that is why they are pointing out towards the shore, striving to get back into the water where they do their best work. But I think that these oars are enjoying the chance to chill on the beach for a while. I think this colourful display of oars is quite happy resting in their prime beach position, subtly shaded but still enjoying the warmth of a summer day at the beach.

But after all, isn’t that a trick we’ve all tried before – striving to appear as though we would rather be doing what people expect of us, when we are really quite happy taking a break from the pressure of our position.

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The Filtered Light of a Fairy Tale

We have all passed along a road or path like the one which Susanne Leasure has captured in the wall art print ‘Filtered Light in Montana de Oro Giclee’ and we know the feeling of magic and wonder at the beauty of this natural spectacle, and the desire to linger in this wonderful canopy for just a little longer.

Montana de Oro Wall PaintingSuch a common and unique image at the same time, this landscape painting will evoke the emotions and memories of many who view it and when it does, it has achieved its purpose. While the painting is of a real roadway in the California State Park, the feelings and the magic of the image are universal. The image is captured just before a bend in the road, making us believe that while we are in the most beautiful part of the world we could ever imagine, there is something even more special waiting just around the corner.

The clarity of the image in the forefront of the painting and the misty, softer image at the bend in the road lends more possibility to the surprises awaiting you just around the corner of the print.

Such a captivating and engaging landscape painting makes the perfect balancing piece of wall art for a space opposite a picture window or a set of large glass French doors in your home. While you can enjoy the view out of your window and you know you can go out into your garden and enjoy the view you see from inside, the painting gives you the same impression, making you feel like you could just as easily decide to turn around and take a leisurely walk through the California State Park, or even through another world.

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Life in Golden Hills

Golden hills of Centtral California wall at painting

‘Golden Hills I’ is not just a landscape painting, because while it shows the stunning hillsides of the Los Padres Range, to me, the hills, slopes and valleys have a special personality, and seem to come to life as you look closer, or more precisely, seem to have stopped whatever they were doing as soon as you gazed upon them and are waiting for you to look away before they can come back to life.

The smooth– and as the artist points out, naked – hills look like they could be huge people, nestled under a blanket, round tummies and heads creating the shapes we accept as a natural formation of hills and valleys. But the hills are just resting and as you watch the shadows creeping across the painting and see the golds being transformed into deep greens and violets, and I get the impression that the hills are just waiting for the sun to pass over them and set before they throw off their blankets and start up their party. They’re waiting for you to go too of course.

The perspective of this landscape painting is also unique as while the viewer knows that, because of their nature, the hills are enormous and imposing natural creations, we feel just as big as we look upon them. While many landscape paintings depicting hills and mountain ranges are painted from within a valley, or looking up at the hills, we see the Golden Hills full on, on their same level and the effect is one of empowerment and peace.

Empowerment at feeling as on top of the world as a mountain range must feel every day, and peace at knowing that being confronted with this normally imposing mountain range, you are right up there with it, you can take it on, or you can join its party, but you have the choice.

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Pelicans to Decorate the Office

Most seascape paintings are of soft calming waves, or long stretches of white sandy beaches, however ‘Pelicans at Seal Rookery’ shows you the other side of the sea – the rough and unforgiving side which many of wall art pelicansus like to pretend isn’t there when we are enjoying a day at the beach with our friends and family.

‘Pelicans’ shows the powerful waves and the white foaming breakers which have rushed in across the shore and covered the rocky reef below. There isn’t even a glimpse of the sky; instead the focus of this seascape painting is the majesty and the power of the ocean.

But while we don’t like to worry about the power the ocean and its angry waves could have on us if we were left alone with them, the pelicans in the painting are seeking out the waves to use their energy and their power to enjoy a day on the water, surfing the currents thrown up by the out of control waves.

And wouldn’t this seascape painting make the perfect wall art display for your office? While you wouldn’t go out and take on these waves, everyday in business you go out and take on the big guys, because you can. Sometimes you get tossed around by something you didn’t see coming, something out of your control, but you’re in it as much for the thrill of the ride, as you are for the success your risks and determination bring Office wall need artyour way.

And don’t you do it just a little bit to show those people who doubted you how wrong they were? While there are other businesses who wouldn’t take on the challenges and the clients you have, there are also lesser birds who would shy away from the power and force of the waves and wait for a calmer day to enjoy the ocean.

But the pelicans are out there anyway, because they can be, and while the colours and textures used in this seascape painting mean that at first glance you don’t notice the pelicans amongst the waves, when you look closer, there they are and you can see that their power and confidence matches that of the waves they are taking on.

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Silverware Wall Art

If you are looking for a unique, personal and easy to create wall art display, look no further than your sideboard. Remember all of those silver platters and serving trays which your mother insisted you take when you moved oututencile wall art silver of home because they belonged to your grandmother or great-grandmother and now she was passing them on to you?

Well, instead of just trotting this mismatched collection of silver wear out when the family comes over, you can make them into a special wall art display so you can enjoy them every day, and preserve them to pass onto your daughter one day too!

There are plenty of different types of wall hangings which will allow your special pieces of silver to hang without being damaged, and at different heights depending on their size and shape. Don’t worry if your collection is mismatched, as the different patterns, styles and textures will add creativity to your wall art display.

silver ware wall artIf you don’t have any silver hiding away in your cupboards waiting for this decorating project, then get out your paint brush and make some. This is a decorating project that can fit any sized wall or room, and one you can take down or take with you whenever you want.

All you have to do is choose three different shades of metallic paint from any paint store. Your colours may be blue, silver and pearl, or silver, bronze and gold, it doesn’t matter as metallic paint comes in so many shades, one is sure to match your style. Then cut out cardboard squares; the size and number depends on the wall you are decorating, then paint the cardboard in the colours you have chosen for your paint.

You may even want to get creative and use up a square of old wall paper, or make a few unique designs for featureSilverware Art squares in your design. When the cardboard squares are painted and ready, use sticky dots –they won’t mark your walls – on each corner and line up your squares as your newest and most creative piece of wall art.

Hanging silver platters as wall art, or using metallic shades of paint will give your wall art and your home, new depth and a unique design.

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A Gift of Love…

A Happy ChildDo you love to see someone’s eyes brighten up and lips curling into a delighted smile? You’re definitely not alone there, and I’m sure you would agree that these moments are really the most rewarding ones in all your experiences. Usually, you feel you yourself were awarded with something precious and you mirror that joyous enthusiasm too!

The next way of achieving this beautiful moment, besides the pleasure of your much awaited arrival; is of course, a thoughtful and considerate gift keeping your near and dear one’s interests at heart.

So how do we pick up the perfect gift that would be treasured and valued for many years and be a lovely ‘Balance’reminder of all your love and best wishes for a lifetime?

First, let us try to analyze about the person we would like to present a gift. What does the person like, dislike, value or what vibes well with his personality and character?

Is the person the Intellectual kind? Surely, books that cater to his interests are a great idea. You could think of an absorbing and interesting video or even an abstract piece of art!

Tidal Churning IICreatively inclined? Color their world with works of art, inspiring paintings, tapestries, sculpture, moving prose, poetry or some creative and beautifully framed photographs of that person or of special moments together.

A pretty socialite..? Delight her with a stunning or chic piece of Transparent sky blue necklacejewelry that would complement her good looks. These items are actually guaranteed to enchant all women of varying ages. The same goes for accessories in gallant young men!

Girl dancing on liquid goldA busy home-maker perhaps..? Surprise her with delicate bone china, artistic accessories of décor that goes with their interiors, artistic or beautiful landscapes, art of happy children or bright flowers that stimulate more energy and joy. Race Day

A sports or health maniac..? Sports gear, usually… but you could add a unique variance in the form of outdoor prints like river rafting or adventurous boat races!

portraitA person difficult to please or has everything? How about a pencil portrait drawn from their photograph by an artist?

Actually, there is a thoughtful gift for every kind of person or any occasion. All it takes is a little observation, time or care. Happy Gifting and presenting to all your cherished ones!!

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Art Takes Flight with These Pelicans

Pelicans at Seal Rookery

Traditionally, the pelican exemplifies the sacrificial love of a parent for its young ones, and have been made much famous by different artists in their paintings over many years. The graceful sea birds depicted in these paintings by the artist, catch the eye and your mind takes a flight to imagine the different moods of a seaside ambience. Pelican Over Morro Bay Wave

Sometimes, you prefer the elegant glide of the pelican over a wave like a skilled surfer, and at times you love to explore the frothy action of the wave trying to beat the elusive pelican at Three Pelicans flying over wave.his game. The exciting contrasts between the turquoise or jade colored water with the white, frothy spray create stunning freshness and vibrancy that would enliven any wall or home.

whatever your imagination conjures, you simply get mesmerized in the charm of the coastal scene. You could also take a cue from our gallant bird here, about living every moment of your day to its maximum potential and bravely facing your troubles that come on and off like the tides.

I would like to share with you here, a famous quote by James Montgomery, “Golden Bill! Golden Bill! Lo, the peep of day; all the air is cool and still, from the elm-tree on the hill, Chant away: . . . . Let thy loud and welcome lay, Pour away few notes but strong. ” White American Pelican

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Nature Reduces Stress

So we are all dealing with a tremendous amount of stress! That is a given in this fast paced, crazy world of modern life! What I have noticed personally, though, is that noCliffs with Arch matter how pressured I feel, sitting down and watching a slide show of my favorite scenery photos on the laptop, gazing at a beautiful painting, or best of all, taking a walk on the beach or in the woods, calms me down. OK, the bills are not getting paid for those few minutes, the phone will soon be ringing off the hook again, some other crises will arise at any moment, but seeing the beauty of the natural world, this precious gift from God that we call home, puts everything in perspective. What is the real life? Is it this mixed up, man-made mess that we endure on a daily basis, or is it the simple, harmonious way of life that we were meant to enjoy? When we “tune in” to the more real path, through meditation on our purpose and place in this world, it is inevitable that we will find peace and inner happiness.


Spring Green Along the Road

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A fresh dawn of hope.

Dawn -a new hopeWhen we start a new year, we always attempt fresh beginnings; be it in our resolutions, relationships, hopes and aspirations or simply being a better person! Usually as the holiday season comes to an end, we find ourselves slightly melancholy, thinking about the year that has ended, contemplating all that we achieved, lost or learned from it and what to implement in the years to come.

If at this time we come across some inspiration that really moves us, we can get going with greater enthusiasm, not only for ourselves, but also energizing people around us. That inspiration maybe something that you read in the newspaper, perhaps the haunting tune on the radio or TV… It could even be a lovely, thought provoking painting such as “filtered light in Montana de Oro” by Suzanne Leasure. ‘Filtered Light In Montana de Oro’ by Suzanne Leasure.

What moved me here was the sparkling rays of the sun, playing a splendid game of ‘hide and seek’ with the big eucalyptus trees just like the limelight of life, sometimes making us the focus of all attention and sometimes highlighting the person next to us! Even the long winding road reminds us of the surprises and opportunities ahead. While the dried and weathered leaves scattered around are a witness of the gradual and inevitable passage of time, the lush blooming green affirms the fact that life goes on. Nature is always at her best, reviving with the same magnificence in spite of all human interference.Autumn Leaves

Surely, we can also let go of our disappointments, learn from all losses or failures and try to catch a piece of that elusive spotlight through all these twists and turns in our journey of life.


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Avila Beach, California beautiful photos

For a wonderful little place to explore along the Central Coast of California, check out the quaint town of Avila Beach. At peak times of the year, this hot spot for sun seekers is bustling with people of all age groups. Late sun at Avila Beach Known of course for the beautiful beaches, sea caves full of star fish, sea anenome, and other creatures, and easy surfing, this town has also undergone a complete renovation. Older buildings have received a face lift, while scores of new shops and condos have filled in every empty lot. Barely recognizable from the little fishing town of just a few years ago, Avila Beach is appealing to a wider crowd. Avila Hot Springs and Spa, wineries, a golf course, and many other attractions are bringing in a diverse group to enjoy this unique area. Avila Valley Barn offers fresh, local produce and ‘pick your own’ apples and other fruits as well as jams, spread, dressings, and other home made goodies. Avila Beach has something for everyone, and we love to get away for a bit of artistic inspiration for our ocean seascape paintings or just beach ‘fun in the sun’ with the family!


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