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Bring Warmth Inside with the Change of Seasons

When temperatures are falling outside, it is the perfect time to give our interiors a little face lift.  Using warm colors on our walls can help us beat the ‘Winter Blues’.  If repainting your walls is not in your budget, well placed and chosen artwork can create an inviting and cozy feeling in your home.  By choosing wall art that features gold, red, orange or brown in whatever style or subject matter you appreciate, the earth-tones add richness and warmth to your decor.  The changing seasons are the perfect time to make a few changes to the areas in your home you will be spending much more time in during the winter months to come.

Warm colors create a cozy home
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Bright Not White

There is often a generic belief in decorating that to make a space look bigger you should paint it white. However, while an entirely white house or individual room will look lighter, it will also be very boring. While white may seem like the perfect base for any color of furniture, wall art and flooring you can think of, it can harshly reflect these color choices and show them off in stark relief against their pale backwash.

However, instead of choosing a shade of white, cream or off white, take the opportunity if you are decorating a small space to use color to its full advantage. Nothing is really going to make your postage stamp of a living room appear to be the size of a cinema theatre, so make the space interesting instead.

Take a chance and use color where you wouldn’t normally, paint the whole room a single bold color, instead of committing to only one wall. If you’re not sure that bold colors are really you, then choose a more subtle color like a pale blue or soft green which still give a feeling of airiness – which is what you would have been going for with the white – but also bring with them atmosphere and personality.

However, a small space will still feel dank and imposing if you have poor lighting. While you may not be able to replace the strip of fluorescent lighting due to budget or renting restraints, just don’t use it. Instead light up the areas you really want to see and add warm table lamps to create reading nooks or place a floor lamp behind your sofa where it won’t take up extra space, nor will it create annoying overhead reflections on the TV.

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Refresh Your Walls

You are probably well aware that your walls are more than just way for your home to hold up its roof. The walls of your home are also able to divide rooms as well as bring spaces together. And your walls are often also an important anchor for your furniture, not to mention a much favoured place to display wall art and family photos.

So rather than looking at your walls as a decorating afterthought make sure that they are part of your overall decorating plan. For example, if you have several sets of shelves or bookcases in your home, leaning up against various walls, sitting at different heights and all made out of different materials, you can give your walls and your entire home a fresh new look by transforming your storage shelves into one or two floor to ceiling solutions.

This makes for almost endless storage options for everything from towels and platter to books and vases, and you can paint your new shelving system the same colour as your walls, or a contrasting or complimentary colour to make it and its housed items, a feature.

Also make sure that your мебелиwall art itself is not an afterthought either, that is you’re not just buying and hanging it to fill a space, but that you have bought wall art which you like and will enjoy, and which fits into your decorating scheme either by colour, texture or even its shape or materials. For example, a 1950s film poster hung as wall art would be a valuable part of a vintage decorating theme, or a wrought iron wall art sculpture would fit perfectly into an old country house style decoration.

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Refresh Your Furniture

When it comes to refreshing the furniture in your home, there are two main ways you can go about it. The path you take depends on your budget, how much time you spend at home, and how much of an impact you want to make – on your decorating style, on your visitors and on the planet itself.

If you are on a budget, or living in a small place, your first home or a rented apartment, or are simply not motivated by keeping up with the Jones’ then you may choose the first option. In this case look for second hand furniture to give your home its own unique style. You may have to do some searching but a funky and affordable second hand piece of furniture is worth the effort.

You can also take the time to fix up broken furniture items you already have, instead of immediately replacing them when they get a bit worn – a new sofa cover, a few stitches in a drooping curtain or quick sand and polish for the table are easy refreshments.

But if you have a brand new house, a new job ($$) or you simply want your family to have the best then you fall into the second category and your refreshing furniture options are therefore almost endless. For example, if you invest in just a few solid pieces of furniture for your home you will be able to easily set your decorating tone and style, not to mention you have started a furniture collection whose quality you know will last.

There are also very stylish sofas available with removable covers so that with the change of the seasons you can change the whole look of your home, because you’ve invested in good quality furniture to begin with.

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Top to Bottom Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic decorating toll, most people have realised that by now and are using them to open up dark spaces, make rooms bigger and increase – by reflection – the effect of their other decorating features.

However, mirrors are not just useful for propping behind a vase of flowers to double the effect, nor should they be used only in their traditional flat form either. Instead look outside the square when decorating with mirrors, or more specifically, above it.

While placing a mirror on an opposite wall to a piece of art will increase its presence in the room, it can mean that you are over exposed to the image. So instead, take your cue from the Europeans who mount their art directly centred above a wall mirror, making use of all available wall space. However, reflecting a natural view by placing mirrors opposite a window or glass door can make a stunning display of art of your wall from your view. Just make sure you use one large mirror panel rather than several smaller ones as this can confuse the eye.

Using mirrors top to bottom in your home can also mean covering a whole wall in your reflection. While a painted feature wall is fine, you may want something more unique, or you may just want to cover up an imperfect wall and floor to ceiling mirrors will do just that. If a whole wall is too overwhelming, choose chandeliers with mirrored pendants, or lights with mirrored sconces.

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Modern Bachelorette Decorating

It may not necessarily have been something which your mother could have taught you – she going straight from her parent’s place, into married life. However, with more time, money and freedom on your side you have the opportunity to make the most of your time as a bachelorette and decorate your home accordingly.

But as we’ve pointed out, you’re treading new water in this area, show how exactly do you decorate a bachelorette pad? Any way you like! That’s right, regardless of the size of your flat, home, apartment, loft, it is your space to decorate as you like, the most important thing is to make it chic and stylish, but comfortable and homey.

Since you are paying the rent or mortgage on your own, your bachelorette pad may be on the small side, but make up for that by filling it with big style – this means things like a top of the line hi-fi system, or a sleek and funky TV, which should by the way always be in your living room, TVs in the bedroom should be reserved for married couples.

And make sure you indulge in the decorating accessories you love – if candles are your thing cover every surface, if you prefer flowers place vases everywhere. When it comes to your furniture choices, make sure you choose two matching bed side tables to balance the room, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a king sized bed either.

Your other furniture choices are up to you – if you want to recline on cushions instead of couches then scatter them around your lounge room, if you prefer a vintage theme hang floating sheer curtains instead of boring old blinds.

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Vignette Decorating

Probably the biggest tragedy in home decorating is the fact that people either think that it’s too hard to have a stylish designer home, or too expensive. Or both. While it is easy to go out and spend a lot of time and money on expensive items to decorate your home, and even on hiring experts to do the designing for you, the decorating is then not really about you is it?

And that is the most important thing to remember when decorating your home, whether you are choosing wall art or carpet – is it really you? The easiest way to decorate your home in a way which speaks to your true personality is to use things which are already part of your home and your life.

But how do you turn the ordinary pieces of your life into art for your home? You turn them into vignettes, that’s how. Vignettes are little collections of objects, clustered together to make an eye catching display. The best thing is a vignette can be made up of just about anything and each item can tell its own story, as well as contribute to the tale of the other objects too.

You may choose to display objects all of a certain colour, with a splash of a contrasting colour in your favourite piece of the display. Or you may decide to create a vignette which tells a story, for example a collection of sea shells from a recent beach holiday, or souvenirs from a memorable overseas trip.

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Panelling Feature Wall

Feature walls are just like any other new decorating technique – they came in, and everyone suddenly got out their brushes and now they have a wall in their home which is a completely different colour to the rest, and the top home designers are now telling us that feature walls are out now.

Well, when decorating your home, while you look at the current trends and ideas you see in new homes and magazine designs, at the end of the day, decorating your home and colouring your walls comes down to whether you actually like it or not. If you are still into the idea of a feature wall, but want to make your wall art a little different to just a plain painted wall, then how about this next idea – a feature door.

We suggest using a non solid, internal door because they are nice and light to work with and to display, but how does a door become a wall? Well it becomes feature wall art when you paint it. A good idea is to choose more than one door and mark a length from the top, around one foot and mask it off. Paint this top portion in a colour to suit your mood or your room and paint the larger bottom sections of the doors in a slightly darker or deeper shade.

Now all you have to do is prop your feature doors against the wall you want to liven up and you have a feature wall art display which is easy to change and move, not to mention renter friendly.

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Artful View

If you have a home with a view, this will be one of the first things people remark on when they enter your home as a breathtaking view really can be the centrepiece of your home and decorating style. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have secured themselves a home on high, with perfectly positioned windows, overlooking a stunning view.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still create a view which will take your visitors’ breath away, and turn a blank wall into something more stunning than even the most expensive landscape painting you could hang. Since everyone is captured by views, landscapes and seascapes, you now have the opportunity to create a view you have always dreamed of. Do you love the look of the city skyline but you live in the suburbs? Or do you yearn to be beside the seaside but instead are stuck in a city apartment?

Well bring the view to you. You may have a large open wall space, or just a small narrow space above your kitchen bench but beneath your kitchen cupboards. Well whatever the space, you can turn it into wall art in an instant. Once you have decided on your dream view, have a photo of this view blown up and printed to the size of your ‘window’ space, then laminated.

Then all you have to do is stick up your new view with sticky dots to your wall, or onto an existing window and you have the view you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, it is much easier to get a new print made up than to move house when you’re sick of the view!

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Decorating an Odd Item

There are those gifts you were given or things which have been in your collection for years but they don’t quite fit your current decorating style do they? So, do you chuck them?


Look at the colours of the item and try to move it to a space with complimentary colours, even if the style is not quite right. If the colours are all off, incorporate it as part of a larger collection of items in a display, making its oddness less obvious – everything can be art!