Painting Tips and Advice

Painting is not one of the most fun parts of a decorating project, but if you do it right, a new, quality paint job can have a striking impact on your home. WhatWoman painting a wall with a roller. can be fun about painting is choosing your paint c  olors as this gives you the opportunity to embrace the entire wall of paint samples at your local hardware store and find one which speaks to you, however, check out our article on choosing paint colors here first, as your choices can affect everything from your mood to your appetite.

Painting is also something which you don’t want to have to repeat too often, therefore, you need to make sure you do it right from the beginning. This means choosing the right color of paint for the lighting apainting and colorsnd position of the room, and properly preparing the area for painting, so read through our painting checklist here before you crack open that new paint brush.

Choosing a quality paint will also help you finish up this big decorating job a lot faster, as while you will be paying a little extra to begin with, you won’t have to repaint your home for many years, and top quality paint is likely to only require one coat of paint and give a much more professional finish. To find out how to choose the best quality paint for your project, click here.

However, if repainting your whole home, or even a whole room still seems like a big commitment and a big job, why not just paint the trims of your home? This allows you to see how the paint color you have chosen matches in with your existing furniture and wall art, as well as being significantly less time consuming. For more tips on the best way to paint just the trims of your home inside and out, check out this article.

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