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Vignette Decorating

Probably the biggest tragedy in home decorating is the fact that people either think that it’s too hard to have a stylish designer home, or too expensive. Or both. While it is easy to go out and spend a lot of time and money on expensive items to decorate your home, and even on hiring experts to do the designing for you, the decorating is then not really about you is it?

And that is the most important thing to remember when decorating your home, whether you are choosing wall art or carpet – is it really you? The easiest way to decorate your home in a way which speaks to your true personality is to use things which are already part of your home and your life.

But how do you turn the ordinary pieces of your life into art for your home? You turn them into vignettes, that’s how. Vignettes are little collections of objects, clustered together to make an eye catching display. The best thing is a vignette can be made up of just about anything and each item can tell its own story, as well as contribute to the tale of the other objects too.

You may choose to display objects all of a certain colour, with a splash of a contrasting colour in your favourite piece of the display. Or you may decide to create a vignette which tells a story, for example a collection of sea shells from a recent beach holiday, or souvenirs from a memorable overseas trip.

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