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Top to Bottom Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic decorating toll, most people have realised that by now and are using them to open up dark spaces, make rooms bigger and increase – by reflection – the effect of their other decorating features.

However, mirrors are not just useful for propping behind a vase of flowers to double the effect, nor should they be used only in their traditional flat form either. Instead look outside the square when decorating with mirrors, or more specifically, above it.

While placing a mirror on an opposite wall to a piece of art will increase its presence in the room, it can mean that you are over exposed to the image. So instead, take your cue from the Europeans who mount their art directly centred above a wall mirror, making use of all available wall space. However, reflecting a natural view by placing mirrors opposite a window or glass door can make a stunning display of art of your wall from your view. Just make sure you use one large mirror panel rather than several smaller ones as this can confuse the eye.

Using mirrors top to bottom in your home can also mean covering a whole wall in your reflection. While a painted feature wall is fine, you may want something more unique, or you may just want to cover up an imperfect wall and floor to ceiling mirrors will do just that. If a whole wall is too overwhelming, choose chandeliers with mirrored pendants, or lights with mirrored sconces.

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