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Thank you Rising Stars!

Dear Mr. Leasure,

I was stricken with awe when I saw the original of your painting featuring sea stars (“Rising Stars”). I was on that reef once and when I saw the painting, it brought back the memory of that day in full force.Rising Stars Wall Art I could hear the roaring of the sea; feel the spray on my face as the wave reared up in expectation of crashing on the reef. The stars were clinging to the rock face just as they are in your painting. But the wonderful detail in the painting…the pearl like portrayal of the stars’ surface…is so beautiful, I felt as if I could reach out and touch them, feeling the texture beneath my fingers. The seaweed swirling at the base of the rock as if it was trying to reach out to halt its motion like that of its companion weed draped already motionless on the surface of the reef…the swirling of the water are so lifelike. The painting is so beautifully executed. You are truly a gifted artist. Thank you so much for your beautiful portrayal…Marie

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