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Renter’s Nightmare

There are some truly terrible rental apartments out there and you could be stuck with any combination of orange kitchen benches, brown carpets and cupboards, carved wooden shelving, not to mention smoke stains from when no one though twice about lighting up inside. And if you’re really unlucky you’re stuck with all of the above!

But don’t worry because we have a bit of decorating advice to get you through the rest of the term of your lease. Firstly think plain and simple decorating choices. There is probably already enough dramatic color choices in your apartment, so don’t just go and add the colors which appeal to you, without regard for what’s already there.

This means choosing plain floor rugs for example, and the biggest you can find to cover as much carpet as possible. Also choose plain colored, sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible to counteract the dark colors of the house. However, just because your curtains are sheer, doesn’t mean they can’t be a tasteful cream, gold or silver color to add a little style.

Still making over the curtains, if your horrid 1970s kitchen has a curtained pelmet over the window, you can change this fabric too. Match it to the color of your other curtains to ensure the change looks deliberate.

Most importantly though, give the whole place a good scrub. Smoke stains and alike should come off of the walls, and you may be surprised to find that the tiles in the kitchen are actually white not the brown you thought they were when you moved in.

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