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Refresh Your Furniture

When it comes to refreshing the furniture in your home, there are two main ways you can go about it. The path you take depends on your budget, how much time you spend at home, and how much of an impact you want to make – on your decorating style, on your visitors and on the planet itself.

If you are on a budget, or living in a small place, your first home or a rented apartment, or are simply not motivated by keeping up with the Jones’ then you may choose the first option. In this case look for second hand furniture to give your home its own unique style. You may have to do some searching but a funky and affordable second hand piece of furniture is worth the effort.

You can also take the time to fix up broken furniture items you already have, instead of immediately replacing them when they get a bit worn – a new sofa cover, a few stitches in a drooping curtain or quick sand and polish for the table are easy refreshments.

But if you have a brand new house, a new job ($$) or you simply want your family to have the best then you fall into the second category and your refreshing furniture options are therefore almost endless. For example, if you invest in just a few solid pieces of furniture for your home you will be able to easily set your decorating tone and style, not to mention you have started a furniture collection whose quality you know will last.

There are also very stylish sofas available with removable covers so that with the change of the seasons you can change the whole look of your home, because you’ve invested in good quality furniture to begin with.

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