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Plug in Bling

The kitchen used to be seen as more of a utility room – it was where you had to go to do the job of cooking and you left it as soon as possible after the last dish was dried. However, the kitchen is now coming into its own as a space where your decorating style can continue uninterrupted, to the extent that many people make their kitchen a separate feature of their home.

Of course to do this the latest and greatest new technology has been brought into play to let your kitchen furniture shine. A fridge is no longer just a fridge, it is also a TV, an ice maker and is lit by LEDs for a brightness to rival your supermarket. And of course, just as storage is important in other parts of your home decorating to remove the clutter and achieve a streamlined look which allows the true features of your style to come through, so too are your kitchen appliances, with gas cook tops which have hidden jets and close up to a flat (easy to clean) surface when not in use.

Your kitchen is not an area of your home which should be forgotten in your decorating and with the latest bling plugged in, and bolder paint choices and bench top and tile colours, it won’t be. Look at decorating your kitchen as you would any other room and choose the latest styles and colours – ones which appeal to you – and incorporate them into your home because with open plan living your kitchen is no longer shut away, and when you think about how much time you really do spend in the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms of the house.

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