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Panelling Feature Wall

Feature walls are just like any other new decorating technique – they came in, and everyone suddenly got out their brushes and now they have a wall in their home which is a completely different colour to the rest, and the top home designers are now telling us that feature walls are out now.

Well, when decorating your home, while you look at the current trends and ideas you see in new homes and magazine designs, at the end of the day, decorating your home and colouring your walls comes down to whether you actually like it or not. If you are still into the idea of a feature wall, but want to make your wall art a little different to just a plain painted wall, then how about this next idea – a feature door.

We suggest using a non solid, internal door because they are nice and light to work with and to display, but how does a door become a wall? Well it becomes feature wall art when you paint it. A good idea is to choose more than one door and mark a length from the top, around one foot and mask it off. Paint this top portion in a colour to suit your mood or your room and paint the larger bottom sections of the doors in a slightly darker or deeper shade.

Now all you have to do is prop your feature doors against the wall you want to liven up and you have a feature wall art display which is easy to change and move, not to mention renter friendly.

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