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Off the Wall Art Stuck to the Ceiling

I was asked if the Mural Canvas Print titled: “Dragonfly in the Pergola” Could be pasted to a ceiling. The answer is yes! The next question of course wasInstalling a Large Canvas to a Ceiling how. So I decided to make this post for anyone who would like to paste a canvas mural print to a ceiling.

How to Paste a Canvas Mural to a Ceiling

Although it is possible to paste the art directly to the ceiling ( I have done this and it is not fun), you should have the mural mounted on gator board prior to installation (unless the mural art is too big). I will be happy to answer any questions for you or whoever is installing the art. Just post a comment here when you’re ready.

If you are ordering a print of a mural from us, I may be able to make an adjustment for you in the reproduction size. This will help you to fit the mural to a unique area.

How to Mount the Mural Canvas

I use vinyl-to-vinyl acrylic wallpaper paste to apply canvas to ceilings and it works great. It is always best to test whatever product you use to be sure it is OK. I recommend applying the canvas to Gator board and then installing it for easier mobility. Should you have any problems with it damaging the print I will be happy to replace it for you. Keep in mind though, that your print is a numbered artist proof. All I ask is that I have the opportunity to properly explain over the phone how to perform the application to whomever you have doing it first.

Basics of Gluing the Wall Art Canvas to the Wall:

The following assumes that you will be, of course, aligning the image as you go.

  • Spray the back of the canvas with a clear sealer to prevent the adhesive from seeping through the canvas and affecting the image. Not too heavy. Allow drying thoroughly. NOTE: Test a small section to make sure it does not damage the canvas by seeping through and lifting the image.
  • Roll vinyl-to-vinyl acrylic wallpaper paste onto the board. The board may need seizing applied to it depending on the surface. Seizing is a primmer for wallpaper paste. Apply enough paste for an even coat. Avoid applying too much as this will cause lumps.
  • Lay the canvas on the board and then immediately peel it back up. This helps to evenly distribute paste over the entire surface of the canvas and the board.
  • Allow the paste to become slightly tacky.
  • Use a plastic squeegee to press the canvas in place. Work out the air bubbles as you go. Be sure to check for proper alignment at the corners and edges from the start.

NOTE: Be sure to protect the image from the squeegee with some velum or something.

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