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Modern Bachelorette Decorating

It may not necessarily have been something which your mother could have taught you – she going straight from her parent’s place, into married life. However, with more time, money and freedom on your side you have the opportunity to make the most of your time as a bachelorette and decorate your home accordingly.

But as we’ve pointed out, you’re treading new water in this area, show how exactly do you decorate a bachelorette pad? Any way you like! That’s right, regardless of the size of your flat, home, apartment, loft, it is your space to decorate as you like, the most important thing is to make it chic and stylish, but comfortable and homey.

Since you are paying the rent or mortgage on your own, your bachelorette pad may be on the small side, but make up for that by filling it with big style – this means things like a top of the line hi-fi system, or a sleek and funky TV, which should by the way always be in your living room, TVs in the bedroom should be reserved for married couples.

And make sure you indulge in the decorating accessories you love – if candles are your thing cover every surface, if you prefer flowers place vases everywhere. When it comes to your furniture choices, make sure you choose two matching bed side tables to balance the room, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a king sized bed either.

Your other furniture choices are up to you – if you want to recline on cushions instead of couches then scatter them around your lounge room, if you prefer a vintage theme hang floating sheer curtains instead of boring old blinds.

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