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Less Furniture

If you are looking to furnish a newly decorated room then you are probably wondering how you can get away with buying everything you need, when you should be considering saving more and spending less.

Well the solution is actually that you don’t really need all of the furniture you think you do anyway. Whether your space is big or small – but particularly if it is small – do not simply buy furniture to fill the space, it has to have a purpose. That may sound obvious but there are plenty of large lamps and funky footstools out there which you can do without, making way for a more spacious living area.

For example, don’t go stocking up on coffee tables, instead choose several side tables which can slide subtly next to the sofa when not in use, allowing for more space in front of the couch. You can even choose side tables which can act as stools when you need more seating.

A trick with your sofa is to look for one with legs will make it seem as though you have more floor area, and choosing a low line sofa will make the entire room seem larger. And with all of this money you have saved on not adding furniture you don’t need, enhance the space further by cleverly using mirrors. For example, mirror the wall behind your bed as a bed head is another piece of furniture you can pass on. This opens up the entire room because a mirror running the width of a double, queen or even king sized bed creates a lot of reflective space and light, without taking up any space of its own.

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