How to Season Your Home Décor

Winter brings the charm of warm colors and fun activity in family gatherings around the fireplace in cosy comfort of furry, fluffy and soft fabrics. Summer and spring announce cool, airy looks and lighter clothes in both feel and color. Some simple ideas for transforming the look of your home with the seasons are outlined here to help you organise your décor accordingly.
For the Winter months: As the cold winters arrive, have a collection of warm and cosy things to place on your furniture and bedrooms for snuggling such as down-filled duvets, quilts and cashmere throws. Heavy rugs and plush carpets in deep and dark colors and heavy dark-patterned decorative pillows add a dreamy tone. You can also make floral arrangements of pine and holiday colors when there is lack of greenery and bright hues. Another essential change would be to replace your delicate glass, crystal and light accessories with classy holiday designs, dark brass or pottery ware. Heavy lamp and window shades as well as neutral draperies also arrive to join the holiday mood and celebration. Bring out your winter lanterns, hurricane lamps scented candles and ample firewood to keep a bright warm and steady glow in the cold wintry evenings. Plan to keep your precious outdoor potted plants at a safe and protected area.
In summer and spring, the various bright and fresh colors are welcomed with the golden shine and accordingly, you could pack up the dark and heavy accessories and substitute neutral colors with light colourful and vibrant shades in furnishings. Keep the bedcovers and linen in light cotton fabrics while the draperies may consist of lovely lace, embroidered and breezy or floral prints in soft or silk cloth. Pillows covers and curtains may be changed into bright and fresh colors, flower prints or plaids for warmer weather. Bathroom mats and towels would preferably be less heavy and have spring patterns or motifs on it. You may retrieve your summer mats and lighter carpeting or just clear the floor to reveal your gleaming tiles or polished wooden flooring for that raw appeal. A fresh arrangement of spring flowers and display of your earlier stored outdoor plants declare the arrival of sunny weather and inspire long and lovely walks in your favorite garden or park. Bring out your old floral fine china, crystal vases and delicate glassware in sync with the cheery weather and store your wintry accents such as heavy brass and other decorating designs. You would also love to throw in new or favourite garden magazines, flower books and summer/spring fashion booklets on your coffee table to accompany the tall glasses of refreshing fresh fruit juice, lemonades and cool drinks!
You don’t have to spend a fortune for these seasonal changes. Simply follow sensible storing and recycling guidelines regarding your belongings which also enable you to get out some long forgotten pieces and make them the centre of attention for some time. You also save on considerable wear and tear, which comes as a result of frequent use all round the year. Another great idea is to have your draperies made in such a fashion that they can be reversible, allowing you to easily turn them from lively to neutral with the seasonal changes.

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