How Colors Effect a Room

As we have each of the colors representing their respective emotions and different levels of energy in our world, by choosing the right scheme of colors you can create an impression of space and dimension to make a room seem larger, taller and even smaller.

We can use neutral colors to create a spacious looking room. Specially, white can reflect light and gives a gloss to the area which makes the room look larger. Light soft colors and pastels like yellow can also enlarge a room and if used on the ceiling can make the room seem higher.

Warm colors like yellow to red have an exciting effect and deeper shades like red and burgundy can close up a room and make it seem smaller. They energise and can even cause fatigue by raising blood pressures. However it is often used in restaurants as it acts as a great appetizer.

Likewise, cool colors such as blue and green can calm and soothe us and make a room restive and relaxed. That is why hospitals have mostly greenish shades in their rooms and surgical clothes.

Shades of pink, lavender, fuchsia and violet can create a romantic or childlike atmosphere and is fabulous for babies’ nurseries or ladies rooms.

Classic colors like grey, brown and beige suit corporate atmospheres while black is very rare as a room color as it has forbidding, mysterious and mournful connotations.

Certain colors seem to affect people in different ways according to their life’s experiences and culture as well as country. As we understand what each color implies to other people we can be better at showcasing our profiles, website, company image and selecting the suitable color schemes of our rooms.

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