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Encouragement on canvas {Tar Pits}

What a wonderful inspiration is this painting of the Tar Pits in Carpinteria. Once while walking along the bluffs above the tar pits in a very distressed state, I came upon a dear friend who was running along the bluff in the same condition as I. The day was common to Carpinteria; ocean waves back lit by sunlight, the surf pounding the beach 30 feet below, the warmth of a light breeze wafting on the shore. We began to try to encourage each other with words of wisdom, and as my friend and I were on an angle to the ocean, I looked off down the length of the shoreline and noted what I thought looked to be a great many dolphins churning the Pacific. Knowing that dolphins in large numbers often follow whale populations, I wondered if that might be what I was seeing. Calling my companion’s attention to the place in question I asked, “Could that be a whale?” To which he replied, “Well, it certainly looks like a whale footprint.” So as we stood there continuing our conversation, our eyes never left the sea. Of course, I am ever trying to get something really good on my camera to turn into a wall print, so I had it at the ready. We were bemoaning feeling lost and alone when, suddenly, not three hundred feet away, two whales surfaced! Of course I got my camera up trying to capture the experience until the moment was gone. In the interim, my friend was taking in all the event in glorious living color. He witnessed the breaching of one of the creatures while I had my nose stuck in the view finder trying to get the camera to work. I have never seen a whale breach, but did not feel robbed as we had had this wonderful experience which affirmed for us the love of our heavenly creator, given at a time when we both needed that affirmation so much. We fell on each other, hugging tightly, giving thanks for this fine revelation. Thanks to the artist for making that great experience come back to life in this wonderful wall art. His use of color, his realistic portrayal of the ocean, the angle of the beach in this painting, the moon rising while the sun is still awake…all serve to help me to relive the day that I remember as one of the best I have ever experienced.

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