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Earring Wall Art

Earrings are considered an essential piece of art for a lot of women – and some men – when they are putting together their outfits and heading out into the world. Earrings can tell a story and show off your personality in one of the most deliberate ways possible; after all you have to wear clothes when you go out, but you have chosen to punch holes in your ears and decorate them.

However, as anyone who wears earrings knows, you often end up with so many earrings, it seems a shame to hide them away in your jewellery box when you’re not wearing them. Therefore, you may be interested in turning the earrings you can’t wear – because you can only wear one pair at a time – into wall art.

All you will need to do is select your favourite earrings, and the ones with the most eye catching designs and the most vibrant and interesting colours, to create an equally unique piece of wall art for your home. Now that you have a small selection of jewellery, around six pairs of earrings is a good start, choose a dominant or contrasting colour and look for wallpaper, gift wrap or even an artful post card to use as the backing.

Then choose a neutral coloured frame – black or white and even natural wood would work well – and glue the pretty paper you have found to a piece of foam board to fit inside your frame. Now you have a pretty picture frame which is actually a display case for your earrings as you can now punch them into the foam and display them.

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