Decorate on a Budget

Unless you are incredibly lucky, your decorating project will be restricted by some sort of budget, the size of which depends on the extent of your renovations and decorations, but it would always be nice to come in under budget wouldn’t it?

However decorating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or on the look you want, it just means you have to be a little smarter and put in a little extra planning time. For example, if you are in no hurry with your decorating project you can enjoy the luxury of shopping around and waiting for the stock take sales or the end of year sales to pick up a bargain on the piece of furniture you were dreaming of or the top quality paint, and for more tips on how to shop around for a decorating bargain see our article here.

You also need to remember that there will be parts of your decorating project you will need to splurge on and others which you don’t. For example, you should buy a good quality sofa to last a while and be a centerpiece in your room, and you should choose good quality paint so you don’t have to repaint too often. However, with accessories like throw rugs and coffee tables, styles will change so quickly you can choose more affordable pieces and easily update them when you need to, and for more information about which are the key pieces in your decorating project click here.

Also when you’re decorating keep an open mind as there may be things like wallpaper which you hadn’t considered, but which can be an affordable alternative to paint, and to find out how to use the latest styles of wallpaper to your advantage and see how wallpaper is even a form of wall art.

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