Decorating Approaches and Themes

tropical wall art hammockThe hardest part of any decorating project can be deciding where to start, so why not start off with a theme and decorate your home to create a tropical get away, a relaxing spa sanctuary or a vintage style?

Once you have a theme, you have a select color palette to choose from and a style which will guide you in your fabric choices, your furniture choices and even the types of accessories you choose. For example, if you have chosen a tropical decorating theme you can follow the direction of vibrant colors and prints in our tropical decorating guides here.

To create a relaxing spa sanctuary in your home can be as easy as choosing some reclining pieces of furniture with luxurious cushions and soft inviting fabrics, and for the color palette you need for a spa sanctuary decorating project, click here.

If you are into the vintage look, you don’t have to stop at antique furniture and old jam jars. A vintage theme can be highlighted using vintage posters, vintage art work and even old vintage bicycles or other artifacts from the same era.

Of course you can go back even further in your decorating styles and take inspiration from Michelangelo’s art. You can not only decorate around the themes of his work by making his wall art and sculptures the centerpiece of your room, but you can also reflect the Mediterranean and European decorating styles with our tips here.

Check out the rest of our articles on getting started and the themes you can choose here and for every stage of your decorating project, our entire list of articles can be found here.

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