How to Decorate Small Spaces

If you live in small apartment or have a small home, or even if you are decorating a small and seemingly awkward area of your home, you may feel restricted in your decorating choices. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and the first step to decorating a small space, is to admit that it is a small space.

This means you put away the ideas you had about big towering bookcases and huge bulging sofas and make smart decisions about the size and style of the furniture you choose for decorating a small space or a small home by using our helpful tips here.

When decorating a small home or small area, you need to be clever about the storage solutions you choose for the space as a cluttered area will always look smaller, no matter how well proportioned your furniture is or how perfectly positioned it is. But there are easy ways to create storage space and leave an uncluttered feeling and it can be as easy as choosing a coffee table or bedside table with draws to store away clutter, or buying furniture which is specifically designed to save space, such as a futon, and there are more ideas in our storage articles here.

You can also hide your storage systems behind stylish curtains or screens, while making sure they are lightweight and light in color to make your small space still seem quite spacious. Colors and light are also important so check out our decorating tips for small spaces here to find out how important natural light and fresh colors are in creating a feeling of space and how to recreate these ideas in your home.

And of course in a small space mirrors are your best friend and we have articles right here to help you decorate with mirrors and not feel like you are living in a fun house.

Check out the rest of our articles on decorating small spaces and apartments here and for every stage of your decorating project, our entire list of articles can be found here.

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