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Costa Rica Artwork Stretched and Hung on the Walls

Hi Paul and Susie,

After several false starts we finally have your wonderful artwork stretched and hung on the walls! (but, obviously, photos can never give the full impact.) First thing that everyone comments on is how cool are the shadows in the Manuel Antonio beach painting. It seems that, in each group that stays with us, everyone picks a different painting as their “favorite.”

Tropical Wall MuralLooking back at our notes, it took just overthree years … but was *SO* worth the wait! 😉 If you have any comments or wording you would like added to the above web page, let me know. There is
a lot of empty space on the page, and it occurred to me that it would be fun to add anything that you guys might want to say about the project.

I hope that all is well with both of you!! Cindy and I were thinking of coming back to the US, but it looks like the main road down from will actually get paved starting this month. Yay!

Also, it looks like a very high-end project will soon start construction just up the hill from us. From what we hear, it will be “more than five stars” and possibly the most exclusive destination in all
of Costa Rica, once it’s done.

Wouldn’t you know it: Just after the warranty expired, our crystal ball broke, so now it’s hard to decide what to do next. 😉 Let us know how things are going with the two of you.


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