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Another affordable member of the Beryl family, it is found in a wide range of blue tints from pale pastels to greenish blue and deep blue. The Aquamarine is considered the anniversary gemstone of the 16th and 19th year of wedding. Aptly known as the ‘Serene One’, for endowing clarity, tranquility, creativity and fortitude, some people have believed that it creates a strong balance in the mental, emotional and physical factors of a person. Some even say it also reduces fluid retention, cleans and strengthens kidneys, spleen, liver and the thyroid. Dark blue Aquamarine may resemble a costlier Sapphire, but beware of the cheaper blue Topaz being passed off as an Aquamarine. We do not believe in the health benefits credited to this stone. However, it looks very nice on a woman as earrings and pendants.

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